Were You Surprised By The Twist On Tonight’s Make Or Break?!

Tonight on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, the tensions between Hunter Valentine finally came to a head and Linda felt like she needed them to figure out their shi** or she was going to send them all home. [SPOILER ALERT]

On episode five, Courtney Love made a stop at the Make Or Break house to mentor the musicians and give them some wisdom about the industry. When it came to Hunter Valentine, Courtney told Kiyomi she wasn’t really feeling her look, she liked Aimee’s style and she thought Hunter Valentine was a sh***y name for a band. When Amiee asked the Hole frontwoman if she ever did something she didn’t want, Kiyomi and Laura didn’t know why Amiee wasn’t talking to them about her unrest in the band.

In the end, Amiee decided to leave Hunter Valentine and VH1 chatted with her a few weeks back and she opened up about the bands’ tension. Check it out and let us know what you think about her decision to leave Hunter Valentine.

Were You Surprised That Amie Quit Hunter Valentine?

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