#TBT: Karlie Redd In B*A*P*S, Opens Up About Acting Career

By now you’ve probably seen that meme of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karlie Redd as an extra in 1997’s B*A*P*S starring Halle Berry but in honor of Throwback Thursday, we’ve found the video for you to LOL. We know Karlie’s been in the game for a while from her days on VH1’s Scream Queens but we had no idea just how long. VH1 recently chatted with Karlie and asked her about her acting career. Karlie revealed it’s hard to be taken seriously in the game saying,

They don’t respect — I know this is in the industry — they don’t respect reality stars. People tell me that. But that’s okay because when I audition for these roles and my acting comes out clear, then they can see that. I’m gonna still keep showing them that I can do it. Chris Rock gave me an opportunity. So I auditioned for a role – it’s his movie; it’s called Finally Famous with Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, David Spade, Rosario Dawson. I can go on. But when I auditioned for the movie and he didn’t know I was on Love & Hip Hop [Atlanta] until I got on set. My audition was that good. I got on set and that’s when they found out I was — they was like, ‘Oh my god, you’re Karlie Redd!’ I auditioned for the movie as Karlie Lewis.

We’re happy that Karlie’s found success with her newest single and her acting career but please, please just look at how much she’s doing in the background of B*AP*S. We’d say, “extra” is the right name for it!

Additional reporting by Shirea Carroll for VH1.