Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Gives His Last B-T-S Photos From The Season 2 Finale

Each week, Hit The Floor creator James LaRosa provides us with some photos from his personal archive to give us a look at life on the set of the show. This week, he submitted his last few photos from Season 2 that are fun in and of themselves, but the stories behind them are great read.

Read on for James’ commentary about Terrence’s gory on-court injury, fun facts about what else happened during Oscar and Lionel’s marriage, and how he tricked Ahsha and German into taking a picture without giving away German was the killer. He’s hilarious!

“Here’s a group shot at Lionel and Oscar’s wedding. Fun fact: there was CRAZY construction going on next door, so all those delicate scenes of plotting and emotional outpouring were accompanied by engine blasting and metal grinding. HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR. Luckily Don Stark (Oscar) hired a masseuse who gave us all rub downs between takes. See, he’s not all bad! Wait, I haven’t seen my wallet since that day… Rot in prison, Oscar.”

“Here’s my cameo this season, I don’t know if you caught it. Accidentally stepping on Taylour and Logan’s faces was one of the highlights of my life. Everyone should try it. (*NOTE: IT SEEMS I WAS DIGITIZED OUT OF THE EPISODE, SO NOW IT LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE HOLDING UP NOT ME BUT THE DEVILS LOGO – LAAAAME.)”

“This is outside Terrence’s condo, where we saw Jelena parked and stalking like WE ALL DO AFTER A BREAK-UP. Even tough broads like Jelena Howard. This was a flashback to better days when Terrence could run. This was also a flashback for another reason – I gave him the address 0527 because that was our series premiere date. Hit The Floor debuted on TV 05/27/13.”

“Here’s the grossest picture you’ll see all day. When I watch Grey’s I’d scream whenever they put nasty wounds on screen, like WHY? WHY IS THIS NECESSARY? Needless to say when I got a chance to do the same I said HELL YEAH I WANNA SEE BONEEEEEEEE. Our make-up department not only did a great job with Terrence’s injury, they reeeeallly enjoyed making everyone ill with it. Rob was jogging around set all day with his bone popping out, like, what up? My lunch, Rob, that’s what up. Filming the scene was no joke. After an entire season of pulling for Terrence, that was a heartbreaking thing to see, and Rob, Logan and everyone really made you feel it. BUT HE GOT HIS RING!”

“Here I am directing Brent, who had an amazing season. From shifty son you didn’t quite know the agenda of to someone you were hoping could just connect with anyone. Zero would seem to be the last person Jude should hold out any hope for. But maybe Gideon is a different story.”

“So this picture is terrible but I had to share it because it makes me laugh. All season I’m keeping this Big Secret. WHO KILLED OLIVIA? When we filmed this scene with Ahsha and German, I wanted a picture with them. I said it was because it was the final scene of the season that Taylour and Jonathan were filming. Really I wanted a picture with the killer. And if you can make out through my red eye, you can see I’M STARING AT HIM MAKING A FACE LIKE THIS MOTHEREFFER PUSHED A B****. No one caught it.”

“I did it.”

“Here I am directing the championship celebration with Tichina Arnold and McKinley Freeman. I love these two individually, but together there’s something about that dynamic that’s so brutal and interesting to me. A guy who’s a man in every way except he’s a total boy when it comes to his mother, a woman with no maternal instinct at all. When Derek said good-bye to Mary Roman at the end of the season, and she stood there just not getting it, ugh. It’s one of my favorite McKinley scenes ever, and really sets Derek up nicely for season 3.”

“This is the only time every cast member and dancer was together for a photograph. And can we take a moment to say HOLY HELL THESE PEOPLE ARE FLAWLESS? What I love most about this picture though (besides those leather outfits) is how happy everyone is. There are no two people here I could throw in a room together and have them not be thrilled by the company. We’re grateful to have the show, grateful for each other, and grateful we have another season to play together. So thank YOU for that.”

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