VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Atlanta Exes Premieres With Back-To-Back Episodes

Atlanta Exes premiered this week with back-to-back episodes and this new series jumped right into the drama! With a guest appearance from Christina’s ex, Cee Lo Green, to Torrei and Traci Steele confronting Tameka, we can tell that this is going to be a great season!

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Benzino learned that Joseline may have cheated on Stevie J while on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Linda Perry became extremely upset after sending Nick home and breaking up the band Omar. Check out these highlights plus more memorable moments from this past week on VH1!

Atlanta Exes: Christina Talks To Cee Lo Green About Dating Again

On the series premiere of Atlanta Exes, we meet each of the women as they are working to move on in their lives and start fresh. Christina, who has been divorced from Cee Lo Green for 8 years, feels ready to start dating again. While trying on clothes Christina talks to her ex-husband about wanting to start dating again and what it would mean for their family.

Episode 2: Traci Steele Lashes Out At Tameka

On the second episode, Torrei and Sheree begin to feel that Tameka’s condescending behavior is unacceptable. While at Tameka’s flea market event Torrei calls Tameka out on her recent negative attitude. Things get extremely heated when Torrei’s friend, Traci Steele, defends Torrei against Tameka’s harsh comments.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Benzino Finds Evidence To Prove Joseline’s Promiscuity

While at Rasheeda’s launch event for her makeup line, Poiz Cosmetics, Benzino begins to dig deeper into the rumors that Joseline has been sleeping around behind Stevie J’s back. Meanwhile, after an argument between Stevie J and Joseline on the topic, Stevie J meets with Mimi and it appears that their relationship has turned a new corner. Is this the end of the Love & Hip Hop power couple of Stevie J and Joseline?

Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project: Linda Perry Feels Guilty

The title and theme of this week’s episode was “Breaking Bands” and it couldn’t be more fitting. After Aimee officially quits Hunter Valentine, Linda Perry focuses on the band, Omar. When Candice talks to Linda Perry about the future of her music, Linda implies that Nick’s drumming style does not fit her new sound and is holding her back. After an extremely heavy conversation, Nick leaves and Candice decides to stay as a solo artist. As a result, Linda becomes extremely upset about breaking up their band.

Dating Naked: Ashley and Alika Find Love In Paradise

When Ashley first saw Alika, she was instantly attracted to him and as their date went on a strong connection developed. However, when Alika opens up to Ashley about being a sexual healer, is it too much for Ashley to handle? What does a sexual healer even do?! Surprisingly, Ashley is quite interested in Alika’s occupation and likes that he is empowering women. As we learned at the end of the episode, Ashley and Alika’s chemistry has blossomed into love and they are getting married!

Tune in to Ashley and Alika’s wedding on the Dating Naked Wedding Special premiering Thursday, September 18th + 9/8c on VH1!

Candidly Nicole: Nicole Reenacts Television History

After taking a break from their phones and spending the day on a Beverly Hills 90210 tour, Nicole leads Ben and her sister, Sofia, in the reenacting a historic moment from the popular series. We love how into the tour Nicole was and we wish we were there with her for the trip down memory lane!

LeAnn & Eddie: Can LeAnn Have Children?

After learning about all of the issues her mom, Belinda, had with getting pregnant, LeAnn begins to worry about her own fertility levels. She decides to meet with a doctor to have an ultrasound, blood work, and other tests done in order to test her own ability to have children. Now that LeAnn is 31, will she and Eddie be able to have children?

Has Tameka become angry and bitter? Do you think Joseline cheated on Stevie J? Would have stayed without Nick if you were Candice?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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