Dating Naked Episode 6: That Awkward Moment When…You’re A Virgin

In this Dating Naked episode we met flower child Ashley and Greg, the former professional fighter with the dry sense of humor, two singles with absolutely nothing in common with each other, but were still able to find their match. Check out the most awkward, but gif-able moments of the episode.

Ashley and Greg were on two different sides of the spectrum, but when Ashley met the sex spiritual healer Alika, it was kismet. They enjoyed talking about g-spots and surfing, while Greg met Angelica who true to her name was an angel – or a least kind of. The first virgin to appear on a naked dating show, the thought of baring her body literally made her sick and she later left the island.

After striking out twice Greg realized that the third time’s the charm when he met Tess, a woman who finally got his sense of humor and didn’t mind his alleged small package (Ashley’s words, not ours). Ashley went on a third date with JR who by the end of the night “lost his chivalry,” and forced Ashley to end up picking her second date Alika, and Greg chose Tess.

Believe it or not dating naked actually works, and Alika and Ashley ended up getting married a few weeks ago, and their Dating Naked special will air September 18th. In the meantime check out the best GIFs of the night:

This is how you act when you see a good looking man Ashley?

Angelica had a hard time baring it all.

Angelica got sick on the boat, the most un-sexy thing you could do a date.

No handshakes, not while naked.

JR was sooo upset when he didn’t get picked.

Tune in next week and catch the awkward, but honestly entertaining new series Dating Naked Thursdays at 9 PM ET.

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