VH1 Exclusive: K. Michelle On Iggy Azalea Beef, Joseline Collab & Her Spinoff

You can say a lot of things things about K. Michelle but one thing’s for sure, the lady’s always working. From her Rebellious Soul Musical to her Love & Hip Hop spinoff this winter to her sophomore album and being a single mom, the singer has her hands in many pots. We recently chatted with K. about her musical inspirations, transitioning into acting and what to expect on her next album.

Check out part 2, where K. opens up about what to expect on her new show, who she’d collaborate with from the Love & Hip Hop cast and what that Perez Hilton and Iggy Azalea Twitter beef was really about.

What can we expect from your new Love & Hip Hop spinoff? Are we going to see the filming of your musical or what?

K. Michelle: You’re going to see K. Michelle as a mother. You’re going to see me recording this brand new album I have coming out this year. And you’ll just get to see me with my friends and my everyday life. And how I’m juggling everything and how you know, just because things are happening for me, there’s still a growth within me that I have to do in order to maintain it.

You mentioned being a mother, what is it like balancing motherhood with the musical, your new album, the upcoming show and everything you have going on?

K. Michelle: Oh, I get sad because [my son] Chase—you know in the summer my son is with me, but through the school year with all of this going on I decided not to get him a nanny. I decided that it’s best for my mom and my father to help me because I want him to go to school and come home to a cooked meal, do his homework, go to church on Sundays. And in the summer, we’re able to do everything together. But in the school year, I have to travel back and forth to Memphis and that’s really a lot to you know, have to see your child through Skype but you know you’re doing it for the betterment of him.

Is your show going to have the drama that Love & Hip Hop has?

K. Michelle: Yep. That’s where, I think, the conflict of interest has been. There is some drama because of having friends— when my life changed, my friends changed. The way some of them acted changed. So of course, there’s going to be some drama because nobody’s life is smooth sailing and perfect. But never at a point will we get to the level of Love & Hip Hop because it’s time that people know that there’s other sides to me. I’m funny, I don’t take sh*t from anybody, I speak my mind, I’m a mother, I’m an artist. So it’s time for them to see that other things are brought to the forefront more. We already know that I will offer you a verbal lashing that will send you back to your mama. We know that.

Have you remained close with any of your Love & Hip Hop cast mates? You and Joseline are real friends?

K. Michelle: We’re legit friends. We don’t talk every day but we talk probably once a week like checking in on each other. Her and Karlie are the only ones on that show that congratulated me — called me on my album and said ‘Oh my god, I’m so proud of you.’ Those were the only two members who went out of their way, came to the album signing, bought the album, bought more than one. I never thought that between me and Karlie, that would ever happen. But you know, we have slumber parties, she comes; she spends the night.

Real talk: would you ever collaborate with any of your former cast members? Like your real friend Joseline?

K. Michelle: I told Joseline that I was going to get on a track with her, for her music or whatever and you know do a hook with her. I think people don’t understand how good Stevie is and I think he goes through the same problem that I’ve been, each day, overcoming. You see people on TV and you try to take away from that talent. He was one of the biggest producers, had all these hits and is really, really talented. I said I was gonna get him out here and really let him work because I love the fact that he’s a musician. He actually plays every single instrument. When I’m playing my album I don’t take beats from people, they have to make the music right on the spot. And I’ll say if I don’t like that sound or whatever. He’s the type of person that can do that. I actually did think about, and with two more weeks of creative on the album — I still might get Stevie out here. I might go ahead and get in the studio with him to see what he can creatively come up with.

We’ve talked about the upcoming album and breaking out of a box – who would you want to collaborate with that’s hot right now? Would you work with Nicki Minaj or Iggy Azalea?

K. Michelle: Nicki Minaj, definitely. Nicki Minaj, to me, I love how she’s built this empire and the girl is really, really talented – one of the best lyricists that I’ve heard in a long time. I would really love to collaborate with her. Also recently, Anita Baker—that’s someone I grew up with. She took me under her wings and she popped up at the studio. I never thought she would come to the studio, just to talk to me and give me advice. For her to come out of her house and come to my studio session and listen to my new album and say it is absolutely amazing – I would love to do a record with her that fit us both.

I noticed you sidestep that Iggy Azalea question but I’ll let it go. [Laughs]

K. Michelle: You know y’all can tell anything to me, you don’t need to let it go. [Laughs]

I just wanted to bring up the idea of you collaborating with Iggy. You and Perez Hilton got into it on Twitter about her and I just didn’t know if there was anything to clarify there.

K. Michelle: I just think she’s pretty. No one can knock me for my opinion. I don’t care—like the thing about it is, with her, I made the comment. I never came at this woman at all! I made a comment because I was really confused by the tone of rapping and the—it has nothing to do with color. It has everything to do with where you’re from. [Iggy] is Australian and then it turns to like I’m from South Memphis like K. Michelle. So it confuses me. Every time I have a question it starts controversy but I was really confused. And I just did not like how Forbes Magazine tried to declare this woman the face of hip hop, when there are so many amazing artists period. So my comment was very innocent. I’m not a hater; I’m just in love with music. And my comment was very real. And so many people supported me and understood it. Not just black people, white people supported me. I wish her the best of luck. She’s another female; however she gets her money and she’s successful, girl, go get your money. But personally, I don’t like that stuff. I’m not a fan.