LeAnn & Eddie Get Real About What Makes Them “So LA”

Tonight on LeAnn & Eddie, LeAnn was dealing with the baby blues while having lunch with her mom who is eager to be a grandmother. LeAnn was feeling stressed so she decided she needed to check in with her physician. Unfortunately back at home the famous duo’s pup, Precious was also having the blues so LeAnn sent Eddie off to a dog therapist while she dealt with the fertility doctor.

Eddie was mortified to be meeting with a puppy shrink but agreed to it for the sake of his wife (and Precious!) VH1 recently sat down with the Cibrians to talk to them about this very LA moment and what else they do that makes them like, so totally LA.

Check out the video now and tune in for an all new LeAnn & Eddie next Thursday at 10:30 PM ET/PT.