Thirst Buckets! It’s The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Drinking Game

The peeps of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta know how to do one thing, for sure, and that’s turn it up and we don’t expect the reunion show will be any exception. What better way to commemorate the end of a season than with a drinking game that’s sure to get you turnt while you watch? Truths will come to a head, lies will be told and eyes will be rolled but at least you’ll have something to help you swallow the drama.

We’ve created a ridiculous drinking game for your viewing party that’ll get you as drunk as Benzino was when he asked Kirk for advice about his prenup. So grab a drink and do like the ladies did in New Orleans and Laissez les bons temps rouler.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion starts tonight at 8 PM ET/PT. Read on for all the moments you need to drink through!

  • Take a sip of your drink like it’s “tea” and you’re Kermit whenever the audience boos for a cast member. But that’s none of your business, right?
  • If Bambi and Erica P. get into it over Scrappy, again, take a shot and kick off your fake red bottoms.
  • Shake your head and take a drink every time anyone refers to Althea Heart as a THOT or as “HO-thea.”
  • Drink up anytime Momma Dee mentions guards, her kingdom, being the Queen or her prince.
  • If you’re having a hard time understanding what Waka or Joseline are saying take a big gulp then gargle it, just like they talk.
  • Throw back your bubbly if Kirk and Rasheeda’s mother get into another brawl.
  • Sip, and repeat, every time Karlie Redd is referred to as messy.
  • Down your cocktail if Nikko’s wife pulls a pop-up. Garnish with a, “Hey, Maid!”
  • Every time someone calls Bambi, “The Bam” you should driiiiiiink.
  • Pull a swig from your flask if at any point Kalenna shows off her twerking skills.
  • Refill your glass if Erica Dixon (yawn) has anything dramatic to say, if she cries, make it a double.
  • Pour some Patron right into your mouth from the bottle if any surprise guests show up like O’Shea, Ashley, Dawn, etc.
  • Toast to Tammy and Waka if they announce anything baby-related.
  • Take a shot for every pair of shoes that come off. Sorry, we are trying to get you drunk here.
  • If you get “confuzzled” about something Scrappy just said you betta drink.
  • If Yung Joc brings up Karlie’s hoo-ha and the pimento cream cheese, well, you know what to do.
  • If someone makes a joke about Benzino getting shot, be sure to chug.
  • If it’s finally revealed when Stevie and Joseline are married, throw some rice at the TV screen. And, also shots, shots, shots shots. Congratulations!
  • You betta double fist if a member of the audience gets involved. Sorry ‘bout it.
  • If any of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast members talk about how their so rich, you should definitely take a gulp of your champagne but with diamonds in the glass, OK?

How you living from all those shots and all that head shaking? Grab some Advil and we’ll see you here this time next week for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion Part 2.