Candice & Nick On Omar’s Split, Coming Out On TV & Linda Perry

On last week’s Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, a very emotional Linda Perry made a very tough decision and split up one of the show’s most beloved groups. Real life best friends and bandmates, Candice Martello and Nick Fanelli were torn apart, fracturing their band Omar and leaving Candice in the Make Or Break house as a solo artist.

VH1 recently chatted with the duo about their time on the show, the future of Omar and Candice coming out as gay on the show.

What was it like living in a house with such a diverse group of musicians? How did it feel to come into that vibe late to the game?

Candice: It was a lot of fun! We didn’t have anything else to do in the down time at the house except play music which led to some fun collaborations and drunken jam sessions

Who were you closest with in the Make Or Break house?

Candice: I like to think I had some sort of special bond with everyone in the house because it was like we were all at emotional feelings summer band camp together. The strongest bond was with Aimee, we were both very supportive of each other after becoming solo acts on the show and I can honestly say she is a good friend of mine now.

Nick: I was tight with Gabe, we were roommates and clicked pretty well. We’ve stayed in touch here and there.

So does Omar still exist in any capacity today? Is their a future for Omar?

Nick: Yup, though the focus is definitely on Candice’s solo stuff. We’ve played some shows and released some new music this year. #OmarForever

Candice, what went through your head when Linda told you, you could only stay as a solo artist? Nick, what was it like seeing Linda be so emotional?

Candice: Complete and utter fear. Linda was right, I relied on Nick, he’s my best friend and the only support I had out there and she took that away. I felt like I was betraying him and what we worked for and I was just scared to be alone.

Nick: Watching Linda cry was sweet, I didn’t know the situation had such an effect on her, but I understand the whole decision completely and me and Linda are on really good terms.

Candice, what’s your family’s reaction been to you coming out on national television?

Candice: My family was great about it, I told them before the show began to air. I said that I reveal something kind of big and just let them sit with that for a while at first. By the time I actually came out with it they were like ‘OH THANK GOD YOURE JUST GAY AND NOT A DRUG ADDICT OR SOMETHING!’ Then they bought me lunch.

Nick, how has it been for you to see you open up about your feelings for Candice on TV?

Nick: It’s a little weird to watch something so personal on TV, that’s all.

What is your relationship like now? Friends? Is it hard to watch the show?

Nick: Best friends! We watch it together!

Overall, what was your takeaway from Make or Break? What was the experience like for you individually and for Omar?

Candice: It was like a long musical therapy session that, in the end, made me realize what i am capable of. I still have self doubt in my music but Linda taught me that all musicians and artists tend to create for themselves and never show anyone else because they get bogged down with feeling like its not good enough, so I try to record and ask opinions on things before discarding them completely now.

Nick: The process taught me a lot about myself and put a lot of things in a new perspective. I think it made us closer as friends and better musicians. I’m glad we went together.

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