Karlie Says Joc Loves Him Some Cream Cheese + Explains How To Give A Foot Job

"You just sit in an Indian-style position and you put your feet around the bottom part and your hands on the middle part and your you know on the top. "

Part one of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion was super explosive, especially between scorned lovers Karlie Redd and Yung Joc who broke up because of Karlie’s messy ways and Joc infidelities with his “friend” Khadiyah.

While Joc used the time on stage of the reunion to tell details of just how crazy Karlie Redd can be, VH1 chatted exclusively with Ms. Redd to find out her side of the story, what she thought of Joc saying her privates produced cream cheese, and Benzino adding his two cents in about her failed relationship.

VH1: During the reunion, you and Joc seem like you both are still very upset, why not let it go?
Karlie Redd: Like I’ve said before, [Khadiyah] tried to befriend me. They tried to play me this whole time. It’s a different if I didn’t treat my man right, so I get cheated on – that happens. But, Joc was cheating on me with this girl the whole time! And they were telling me that they were friends the whole time, but they’ve been messing with each other the whole time. And that’s where that anger stems from. Like don’t try to play me. That’s just straight up playing me. That’s the different level of cheating.

VH1: How surprised were you when Khadiyah came out on stage?
I was surprised but I know Joc, he would let some shit like that go down. That’s why—you know, I was surprised but I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised like okay, yeah, okay here she go. But you know I was like, what, it’s me against the world. You and Miss Piggy can walk down Sesame Street and go find yourself some cookies with Cookie Monster, I don’t care. In the meantime, I will be recording music and my song is on the radio. Thank you, Joc!

VH1: Did Joc tell the story about you breaking his finger that way it really happened?
Joc is long-winded. He can’t tell a story short to save his life. I busted Joc hugging and kissing up with a girl in the club, and he had the audacity, the audacity to be in the club with another girl, with MY chain around your neck! It had pendant – a money bag, this pendant is the size of my hand. It’s my chain, on the end it has a ‘K’ on it! It says ‘K’! Big as the palm of my hand! It says ‘K.’ So you have the nerve to be in the club cheating on me with a chain that says ‘K?’ Hugging and kissing on the girl, holding hands with her through the club? I busted him in the club. I ran over there and grabbed my chain so fast. That’s how the story really started. Don’t play with me.

VH1: So that’s how he hurt his finger?
I grabbed it, and he tried to grab the chain back. He didn’t break his finger. Come on, stop it, Joc. And then he still came home to me that day, that night, talking about ‘fix my finger.’

VH1: You suck his finger, you jam his finger, and you give him a foot job. All these body parts, Karlie! By the way, many want to know how exactly does this foot job thing work?
Oh my god! You just sit in an Indian-style position and you put your feet around the bottom part and your hands on the middle part and your you know on the top. (Laughs) It’s hard! It’s hard to walk it out, but (sings) “I walk it out, I walk it out.”

VH1: How did you feel when Joc said on national TV that pimento cream cheese was coming from your lady parts, it’s almost the worse thing you can say to a female…
Let me tell you something. Nah, nah, nah. I didn’t feel that way. Because the night before he supposedly went out of town, you were eating that pimento cream cheese. You loved every little bit of it. Lick, lick, lick, lick. So you wanna throw shade, and cheat? Every woman in America came for him for saying that. What man talk about agirl’s insides when you were with her and you cheated on her? He has no right to do that. And not only that, he tried to publicly apologize, nobody accepts your apology, Joc. There’s a million things you could have said. But you don’t talk about another woman’s insides after you just finished having sex with her right before you went out of town.

VH1: Benzino recently said it’s very hard for Karlie to find love because she’s so focused on her career. Do you agree with him?
Absolutely. What happens is, you have to find a guy who is not willing to hold you back. Both Benzino and Joc was trying to hold me back from doing what I had to do instead of being supportive. Joc wanted me to always be at his bookings, and I gotta be here with him and I gotta be—wait, wait, wait you gotta remember I got my own bookings, I got my own films, I’m doing my own thing too. So you have to find a guy who is going to be as supportive, but not in the way. And there are those guys out there, so I’m dating. You know, I mean, how else are you going to find your perfect match? You gotta date, right?

Tune in for Part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion next Monday 8/7c.

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