Dating Naked Episode 7: That Awkward Moment When…You Get Friendzoned

In this Dating Naked episode we meet Cali natives Liddy, a saleswoman, and AJ, a pro wrestler who through all the jealousy and terrible communication were still able to somehow find their match. Check out the most awkward, but gif-able moments of the episode.

AJ and Liddy’s dates involved banana boats, cartwheels, but after “hanging out” decide they are better off as friends. AJ then meets Meg, she of the “big cantaloupes,” and develops a craving for fake fruit. Liddy meets pale-ass country Joe with a tramp stamp and subtitles, and knows immediately he isn’t the one.

Things get weird when Liddy decides since her date with Joe was a bust, trying to just be friends with AJ was no longer the plan and being jealous of Meg becomes plan B. AJ then goes on date with Xandra, and the two can’t keep their lips off each other, while Liddy finds herself a playa playa named Steve.

After both Liddy and AJ realize putting each other in the friend zone was premature, the two end up picking each other and ending the show with passionate kiss that showed just how “excited” AJ was about the possibility of love with Liddy.
Check out the best GIFs of the night:

Whoa dere!

This is something you should only do with clothes on.

This looks like fun.

When all else fails – flip.

Working the pole…fully clothed.

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