The Cast of Couples Therapy: Where You Know Them From

By Sarah M. Smith

Returning to VH1 for a 5th season this September, Dr. Jenn Berman will help mend five struggling celebrity relationships on Couples Therapy. Lucky for you, you get to be a fly on the wall during all of their therapy sessions! This season brings reality stars, singers, porn stars and their counterparts together under the same roof to battle out their relationship issues, and while you may not recognize everyone in the cast by names, you will after this. Keep scrolling to learn about this season’s cast of Couples Therapy and where you’ve seen them before. We’ve included juicy relationship details revealed, giving you all the more reason to tune in. Because everyone can learn something from Dr. Jenn.

Who: Jenna Jameson

Where You Know Her From: Known as “The Queen of Porn,” Jenna Jameson is very famous in the porn industry for her X-rated adult-movies. She is arguably the most notable adult-entertainment and erotic video actress.

Most Famous Moment: Jenna redefined her career with the launch of her adult-media corporation, ClubJenna Inc., which was later bought by Playboy Enterprises. The company doubles as an online site and a production company with a focus in the adult-movie industry. I guess this would be a tie with her series Jenna’s American Sex Star, if you are into that type of thing. Or one of her many “sleepy” interviews with major news outlets…
Relationship Situation:  40-year-old Jameson can currently be seen on the arm of 34-year-old MMA fighter John Wood. What brought the two together? When Jameson’s ex, Tito Ortiz, got cozy with Wood’s ex, Amber Miller, Jameson completed the love circle by getting together with Wood. But this boyfriend/girlfriend swap has led to beef between Jameson and her ex (and his new chick!) Throw in her battle with drug addiction and her tough upbringing and it’s easy to get an idea of Jenna’s immense amount of baggage she loads onto the relationship. Dr. Jenn surely has her work cut out for her.

Who: Dick Donato

Where You Know Him From: Donato, known as “Evel Dick,” was the winner of Big Brother 8.

Most Famous Moment: Donato is known for his stint on Big Brother 8, where he had an on-going feud with house-mate Jen Johnson…along with just about everyone else in the house. Despite waging war with housemates, strategist Donato came out on top at the end of the season.

Relationship Situation: Evel Dick doesn’t appear to be the relationship type. Donato’s relationship with his daughter Daniele is completely non-existent, and ties with girlfriend Stephanie Rogness-Fischer are on the rocks as well. Judging from his fearlessness in front of the Big Brother cam, we can expect Dick to leave nothing to interpretation on this season of Couples Therapy. The question is: can Dr. Jenn break Evel Dick’s old ways and get him going on the right relationship track?

Who: Anthony “Treach” Criss

Where You Know Him From: Treach is a hip hop legend, best known as the lead rapper of Naughty by Nature, a famous hip hop trio.

Most Famous Moment (Non-musical): Treach was arrested after engaging in a high-speed chase with New Jersey police after they ordered him to pull over. His bail was set at $15,000.

Relationship Situation: This season, Treach will join Flavor Flav and Ghostface as he transitions from hip hop to reality TV for some therapy with Dr. Jenn. Treach’s track record is complete with divorce, relationship rumors and other trouble. Treach’s girl, Cicely Evans, is now in the picture, but the pair needs some help making their fling last, despite the many obstacles of show biz. Treach tells MTV, “I had a relationship in the past, and it was out there, everybody was in that. Nobody’s getting in my life no more. The thing is, don’t ask if I’m single or with somebody – ask me if I’m happy, then I know you’re really concerned. Other than that, it’s none of your business.” And that past relationship he refers to was his rocky divorce with Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa, a much publicized battle. While Treach may be keeping his private life less transparent, he has still agreed to some much-needed therapy with Dr. Jenn.

Who: Deena Nicole Cortese

Where You Know Her From: MTV’s The Jersey Shore

Most Famous Moment: It’s hard to narrow Deena’s crazy moments to one notable one, but her arrest may take the cake. After the reality star took to dancing in the streets amidst on-coming traffic, she was written up for public intoxication — the rest runs downhill from there.

Relationship Situation: It’s no secret that Deena loves to party. If you’ve seen even one episode of The Jersey Shore you’ll know that Deena is certainly the “blast in a glass” that she claims to be. But all of her partying seems to stir up conflict between her and longtime boyfriend, Chris Buckner. In February, the couple announced that they are house-hunting for a place that they can call home together. Deena even hinted that she’s ready for an engagement! But is Chris ready to settle down with Deena and her party-animal ways? And her Deena-isms? The pair definitely has some issues to resolve, between Chris’s authority role in the relationship and Deena’s frequency in the party scene. You can take the girl out of Jersey but can you take the Jersey out of the girl? We will soon find out.

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