Bonus Clip: Althea Is Angry That The Show Has Portrayed Her As “A Ho”

For any of your doubters or haters who still think Althea is playing Benzino (or he’s playing her), Benzino has some words for you.

In this bonus footage, filmed backstage at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Benzino discusses all of the perceived shortcomings and rumors surrounding his darling Thi-Thi. As far as her hookups with Stevie and Nikko, Zino explains that she was honest with him about her past from jump. “The way the show made it look, like, she’s this ho,” he says, but hey, everyone has skeletons in their closets, and Althea’s are from years ago and she never hid it from Benzino. The show has caused emotions to run high though for Althea, who hates being “portrayed as a ho.”

So why does Benzino think the cast — the women in the cast, in particular — try to take Althea down? “They can’t touch her. They’re jealous of her.” Thoughts???