VH1 Exclusive: Kirk + Rasheeda Tell What’s Really Going On Their Relationship Now That The Cameras Aren’t Rolling

Before the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion turns all the way up tonight, we chatted with cast couple Kirk and Rasheeda to thankfully learn how much their rocky relationship has turned down.

Find out what Rasheeda says Kirk has finally learned, whether or not Kirk still talks to Mary Jane or the waitress/nanny, and an exclusive from the couple about all Kirk’s children and baby mamas:

The season is over, the reunion is on air how’s the relationship today?
Kirk: It’s actually going really well. It took a while to get there and I’m very happy to be able to get there. It’s exciting because we wasn’t able to really go out together anymore in neighborhood. When we were together people were always going on it. So I’m happy to be in a better place.

Rasheeda: We’re pretty good. You’re always living day by day—your marriage, your life. You know, we’re a business together as well. We’ve been toughing it through and making do, taking care of these kids, you know, Carter one this month, already. On the 21st of this month. So we just trying trying to juggle everything we have going on, plus make that time for each other. And he is still definitely trying to make me feel good and comfortable. He understands that gaining the trust takes a little time. We actually doing pretty good.

Better question, how’s Kirk’s relationship with Mama Shirleen?
Rasheeda: They doing alright. [laughs]

Kirk: I mean, we okay. She does things that I—I don’t know. We cool but we always are gonna be like—it’s just a friction thing with me and her. She’s real aggressive to me and for no reason. It’s like small things, she’s so aggressive and I’m like what is the problem. So we cool if we just—we always just rub each other a certain kind of way. And that’s just what it’s gonna always be. But we cool.

Rasheeda: Oh yeah, he got her the glasses. They doing pretty good. I mean, you know, there is just always something that someone don’t like. But at the end of the day he’s family so.

Kirk, have you seen on spoken to Mary Jane from the hot tub, or the nanny from the bar?
Kirk: No, no Mary Jane. Not at all. I’ve seen her around but no. I look at her, and just keep it moving. Can everybody stop thinking that I had sex with the girls in the jacuzzi in the room—Stop! We didn’t have sex. C’mon there was five cameras in the room, we never had sex. See I was trying to make sure Rasheeda still loved me and wanted me. That was me stupid saying, ‘Like yeah, you disrespecting me? You don’t want me? So you really mean that? Oh, okay.’ Like that was my ego trying to piss her off more. And by trying to piss her off I really went way to far but I knew not to go crazy and have sex. I’m not crazy!

And the nanny, yeah I do see Jasmine here and there because she works at the bar. She’s a bartender so she’ll be at different events. So yeah, we’ll see each other sometimes, ‘Hey, what’s up,’ and keep it moving.

Now that everything is cool, Rasheeda would you mind Kirk getting a tattoo of your face and full body on him a la Benzino?
Rasheeda: I wouldn’t even want him to do that. [laughs] Don’t do that. You can put my name, but you ain’t gotta go full body baby; it’s okay.

It was a surprise to see Tony have 10 kids, but Kirk you have half of that, correct?
Kirk: Yes, I do have five kids. But the good thing about me is only two of my kids are kids. Like Ky is about to be 14 and Carter is 1. So before Carter, I really only had one young kid. Everybody else—Kirk Jr. is about to be 24. My daughter is 19; my other son is 22-I found out I had another child around 5 years ago.

Wait! You have a 5-year-old?
Kirk: Noooo. He’s 22. No, no, no, no, no. Back up. There was a woman, his mom, that was calling my office, and kept saying it was about musi,c and Rasheeda kept telling me there’s this lady calling trying to talk to you about some music, and she was kind ofiffy about it. Long story short—it was my son’s mother saying that her boyfriend went and took a DNA test and found out after all this time who he thought was his son was not his child. So this guy raised my son all of these years till he was about 18. I took the DNA test, went up there, came back, bingo! He’s my child. I felt robbed! I also felt the other guy was dirty, after finding ind it wasn’t his child he just cut my son off, don’t speak to him no more and don’t have nothing to do with him. That’s wrong! If you raise a child for 17 years you gotta have a really strong connection with them… So that’s what’s crazy. People say I be tripping and wildin’ out, but guess what? I learn my lessons.

So with all the different baby mamas how does everyone get along?

Rasheeda: One of Kirk’s baby mamas I talk to a lot. The other two I don’t really talk to very much, but those kids are like in their twenties. But when we do see each other it’s super cordial, it’s real cool, it’s like no drama or anything. Yeah, it could be crazy, but it’s not.

Kirk: Yes. Rasheeda gets along with my daughter’s mother, she actually does Rasheeda’s manicures and pedicures! They’re good!

Tune into part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and see which relationships won’t get to have the same happy ending that Kirk and Rasheeda’s did.

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