Play TRUTH Or DARE, Candidly Nicole-Style

This week on Candidly Nicole, Nicole Richie and her friends head to adult summer camp, which is kind of our dream come true (even if Nicole and company think it’s a little shabby). One of the best parts of summer camp is the bonding and lifelong friendships forged over games like TRUTH Or DARE, and we want to play! We want to know, what’s the craziest thing YOU’VE ever done at summer camp? Submit your responses on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #5TruthorDare and the best responses might just end up on TV. Too shy to share your crazy camp stories? Well then we DARE you to send us your ugliest selfie. Need some inspiration? Check out our favorite Nicole Twitter & Instagram posts now — this is a woman who is not ashamed to share the most embarrassing truth about herself, or the most awkward selfies.

Candidly Nicole airs Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT.