VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Linda Perry Signs Anjuli Stars and Candice Martello

This week marked the conclusion of three of our Summer series – Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, Candidly Nicole, and LeAnn & Eddie. On Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project Linda Perry signed both Anjuli Stars and Candice Martello to her label and decided to continue working with Aimee Bessada. On the explosive second part of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Reunion all hell broke loose as Joseline and Stevie J went in for the kill against Althea, Benzino, Tami, and Mimi.

On Atlanta Exes the women headed to a cabin to meet with a mediator to resolve their issues while on the season finale of Candidly Nicole, Nicole and her friends went to Summer camp for a good-ole bonding experience. On the season finale of LeAnn and Eddie, LeAnn and Eddie had to decide if they were ready to be parents. Check out these highlights plus more memorable moments from this past week on VH1!

Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project: Linda Perry Signs Anjuli and Candice

The entire journey has led up to this moment – who will Linda Perry sign to her label? After watching the final performances, Linda Perry meets with each of the artists to reveal their fate. Before selecting whom to sign, Linda Perry tells Aimee that although she does not want to sign her, she wants to continue working together. We were so excited to learn that not only did Linda Perry sign frontrunner Anjuli Stars, but she also signed Candice Martello! We cannot wait to hear the records of these two amazing artists!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: All Hell Breaks Loose During Part Two Of The Season 3 Reunion

It only took a few moments into filming the second part of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Reunion for all hell to break loose on stage. After Stevie J and Joseline attack Benzino and Althea on stage, Joseline goes after Tami. We later learned that Joseline also attacked Mimi in a stairwell backstage. For the remainder of the episode the cast reflects on the brutal attack and tries to understand Joseline’s behavior.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Shekinah and Tiny Film An Infomercial

With the help of Tiny, Shekinah wants to film an infomercial to promote her new hair product, Shekinah Jo Beautiful Edges. After a rocky start and not being able to memorize her lines, during the last hours in the studio Shekinah is able to nail her part. After watching the video, we just may have to try out Beautiful Edges for ourselves!

Atlanta Exes: Tameka Reveals A Painful Dark Secret

After a failed attempt to have the women resolve their issues, Christina wants to hire a mediator to help the women work through their problems with one another. With the help of the mediator Tameka opens up to the group about how she felt after her son passed away. As a result, she is able to clear the air with both Torrei and Sheree. It appears that this mediator was able to save the Atlanta Exes sisterhood!

Dating Naked: For Moenay The Third Time Isn’t A Charm

After Moenay had an awkward date with 42 year-old Dan, she is really looking forward to her third and final date. Unfortunately, Moenay is left standing naked waiting for to meet her potential suitor. Host Amy Paffrath had to come tell Moenay that her date was not able to bare it all and had left the island. Although things didn’t work out for Moenay with either Mike or Dan, she was offered to come back and give naked dating another try. We know she’ll find her perfect match soon!

Candidly Nicole: Nicole Says Goodbye To Camp Shine

As a way to bond with her friends, Nicole takes Katherine, Jamie, and Erin to Camp Shine, a sleepaway Summer camp for adults. While there the girls receive new nicknames and participate in the annual Color Wars. At the end of their camp weekend the girls reflect on their experience and leave the Summer Camp as closer friends.

LeAnn & Eddie: “Are LeAnn and Eddie Ready To Be Parents?

When LeAnn’s period does not arrive when expected, she begins to wonder if she could be pregnant. After taking a pregnancy test and learning that she is not pregnant, LeAnn and Eddie talk about whether or not they are as ready they thought to have a baby. Do you think LeAnn would be a good mom?

Are you siding with Stevie J and Joseline or Benzino and Althea? Is Tameka’s secret an acceptable excuse for her behavior? Did Linda Perry sign the right artist(s)?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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