Vantage Point: Rasheeda Breaks Down Her View Of The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Fight

Want to know what the cast didn’t get a chance to say during Part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion special that aired?

We have the exclusive commentary dissecting the details and events that led up and followed the notorious Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fight, as seen from the various vantage points of several of the cast members.

Read how Rasheeda remembers it all from beginning to end.

Everything that day seemed cool. We started a little late, but it was straight. One thing I will say is like when we finally got through the first two segments, then we started in the middle of the show or however we did it – cause we were waiting to do the intro. Once we sat down to do the intro, the vibe just got a little funny. You know, like I felt a real funny vibe from Joseline, mostly because it felt like she kind of came a little—not dressed for the occasion. Like what’s really going on?

When it initially started, I was sitting next to Althea up on the stage. I was sitting next to her, so I heard the whole conversation and then Stevie ran up on Benzino and then just stopped in front of us. Like ’Erk! I’m ain’t gonna really fight your ass.’ Then Joseline came full fledge at Althea like trying to be on some go-HAM-gangster-type shit. That was crazy. All I heard was Stephanie [the producer] and people yelling like ‘Rasheeda! Get out of the way! Rasheeda! Get out of the way!’ I was like, okay let me get my ass out the way. And then after that happened, I actually tried to go to the crowd to take selfies, because I knew how hectic it gets and I was trying to put the audience’s minds in another space or whatever.

Then in seconds it seemed like a f*cking whirlwind of people who lost their damn mind! I feel like, what the hell was Joseline thinking?! Like you want to take out the time now to just try and go HAM on people? Attacking different cast mates like, ‘I’m gonna whoop your ass for this, I’m gonna whoop your ass for this, and I’m gonna do this,’ and I’m like really?

I look up and Joseline runs after Tammy and tries to swing on her and knocks her ponytail off! And then Tammy’s ready to get in that ass! And I’m sitting here like ‘Yo, this shit is crazy.’ Then after that I heard about the Mimi situation Kirk was like, ’Get your ass in the dressing room now because bottles are starting to fly and sh*t is going on,’ -he was trying to get me out of there. So security took me out and then when I got down to my room, somebody came and was telling me about the whole Mimi and Joseline situation and that shit is unprofessional, it’s uncool, you know what I’m saying? And it’s like to me, I feel like when you dealing with situations like that—I felt like if anybody who’s on a rampage, if Joseline would have had any kind of weapon, it would have been some real type sh*t up in there and that sh*t ain’t cool for nobody—a cast mate, an audience member, no person. You know? I think that that sh*t was real uncalled for.

So when I got to the dressing room, Kirk finally walked through the door I said ‘Call Waka!’ We don’t get to film together unfortunately, but we’re real cool them. So I’m like ‘Call Waka,’ he talks to Waka and then I text Tammy to make sure she was good. And then I asked about Kalenna, and that when Iheard that they had took Kalenna and Tony out of the room because that was a straight liability period. And that’s another reason why that’s some bullshit because you got a pregnant girl in here! You know what I’m saying? Like it be a whole bunch of immature acts; people doing bullshit.

Check out what the cameras captured below:

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