Courtney Gone Wild: Courtney Stodden Admits She Slept Around During Separation

On part one of the Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn reunion, it was crazy enough to hear Courtney Stodden reveal that she held hands and got cozy with other men while she appeared on the UK version of Big Brother, all while she was still married to Doug Hutchison. The rest of the cast who appeared on the reunion special couldn’t believe it themselves, and it gave Shayne the chance to say “I told you so,” after spending most of season two begging Courtney to sow some oats.

In our backstage interview with the pair, Courtney admits that she did indeed sow some oats during her official separation from Doug, telling us “I wasn’t acting like a married woman, that’s for sure…I was doing everything, I was going crazy, partying, meeting new people, sleeping around, I was doing it all.” It’s weird to us that Doug remains so calm and oddly peaceful while he holds the microphone for her as she explains all this, right?

Watch more of Courtney and Doug’s story on part two of the reunion special next Wednesday at 8PM ET/PT.