Dating Naked Episode 8: That Awkward Moment When…You Think With Your Other Head

In this episode of Dating Naked we meet the can’t-catch-a-break cruise ship dancer Moenay and Mike a Philly boy with Jersey shore swag. Check out the top three highlights of the episode.

Mike and Moenay hopped on jet skis, and while Mike couldn’t contain his excitement that Moenay’s “vagina was on his ass,” M & M actually had great date that ended with a toast and kiss, and Moenay thinking about “falling in love.” However, when Mike met party girl Stephanie he had a “hard” time even remembering who Moenay was.

For her second date, Moenay met the Dan the life coach, who although seemed to be gentleman Moenay said she looking for, weirder her out with his “vibrations,” and left her comparing Dan to Mike. It would appear Mike sealed the deal with some hanky panky with Stephanie, before going on his third date with Shealyn.

While Shealyn and Mike didn’t hit it off, Moenay didn’t even get a chance to meet her nameless third date. Moenay broke down and tears, and things got more uncomfortable when everyone meet ups and Mike still only has eyes for Stephanie. In the end although Moenay poured out her heart, Mike chose Stephanie, and Moenay got a promise to get the opportunity to come back and get a fair chance at finding love.

Check out the week’s top three moments from our favorite dating show, Dating Naked that were so good, we thought it be nice to see it twice.

Eh, Feels Like Friends
Even though Mike and Shealyn have a lot in common, can it turn into more of a romantic connection?

Third Time Isn’t A Charm
Moenay’s third date come to the realization that he isn’t able to bare it all.

Make A Move!
With it being the last day on the island, Moenay takes a chance and makes sure Mike makes the right choice.

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