Vantage Point: Kirk Breaks Down His View Of The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Fight

Want to know what the cast didn’t get a chance to say during Part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion special that aired?

We have the exclusive commentary dissecting the details and events that led up and followed the notorious Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fight, as seen from the various vantage points of several of the cast members,including Rasheeda, Karlie, Ariane, Kirk, Kalenna, Tony, and even Tammy.

Read how Kirk remembers it all from beginning to end:

First off I take Love & Hip Hop as it’s a team effort. We all play a certain part and I feel like Stevie and Joseline coming in there kind of late was not respecting everybody because we all gonna be held up. We all complained about how long it takes to do the damn reunion, you know, it’s the longest day ever and then for them to come in late and just kick back, kick their feet up!

So Benzino talking to me, and Stevie sits right next to Rasheeda and I don’t even want to look or speak yet because I’m really pissed off. So finally after he speaks to Scrappy he says ‘Nice shoes,’ and I say, ‘Okay, but we got the good old Stevie J.’ Because I know there’s a bad Stevie. (Laughs) So that broke the ice, and I thought it was going to be a really good reunion because I’m like ‘Okay he’s in his good mood.’ I was talking to Benzino the day before, and the day of the reunion and I was telling him, they had too much personal beef coming in to the reunion. You know, the pictures going on the Internet, souping it all up, hyping it up—the picture coming out with Althea.

To me, [Benzino and Althea] both was just waiting for the moment and when Stevie J said, ‘it’s hot.’ Althea repeated, ‘It’s hot?’ and Benzino said a certian type of drug was why he was hot. That’s when Stevie kind of got pissed off like, ‘Oh, you gonna go there with it,’ and jumped up and ran over there. But the thing about Stevie is you can tell he didn’t want to fight because he stopped before he got there. Benzino seemed to not even really flinch, like ‘I know, really. Mmmhmm.’ Anyway, it seemed like Joseline was just like when he jump – we jump and she went to jump at Althea, not knowing Stevie stopped I guess. I don’t know, it bugged me out because I’m like, all of these security guards and there’s one chick getting loose and when she came out of nowhere and snapped Tammy’s ponytail and all that stuff, I felt violated because I’m like—Tammy it’s her first year and we cool already. We already kind of hang with her and Waka, and I’m like, why would she hit—why would you do that? So I feel because Waka’s wasn’t there and I didn’t want her to ambushed. It’s like rook taken advantage of the rookie. That kind of pissed me off

Then I heard about what happened with Mimi and Joseline in the staircase. I mean, it just—the security… I felt like I was in a prison riot situation like ‘Yo, we need to get out of here.’ And I felt like our security needs to have some Tasers and handcuffs to do whoever because if [Joseline and Stevie] can keep running wild like that it’s only a minute before they pick up something looking at me like, ‘I don’t like yo ass either!’ That was like a war zone for me, and I’m a guy. So I was really mad about it. Like we came here to finish up season, not to be in the WWE and I don’t know, man. Whatever she has in her system, she needs to sell it to wrestlers.

We went out Me, Bambi, Tammy and Rasheeda and a couple other friends of mine from New York. We actually ran into Erica and a couple make-up artists. We met up and talked about it, had drinks, ate pizza late, and we just all was kind of like, ‘damn, that’s crazy.’
In the moment I felt like Joseline and Stevie needed to be punished for everything, but do I think they need to be gone now? No, because again, collectively, we all win together. Like to me, Joseline is good, but she’s out of control. She’s really on a monster vibe right now. When you gotta defend yourself against your own friends, then I mean you’re kind of path for self destruction.

Check out what the cameras captured below:

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