Vantage Point: Tony Breaks Down His View Of The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Fight

Want to know what the cast didn’t get a chance to say during Part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion special that aired?

We have the exclusive commentary dissecting the details and events that led up and followed the notorious Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fight, as seen from the various vantage points of several of the cast members,including Rasheeda, Karlie, Ariane, Kirk, Kalenna, Tony, and even Tammy.

Read how Tony remembers it all from beginning to end:

Well we had to play musical chairs, almost like we getting in position for battle. It was like Benzino on one side, and Stevie J. on the other side. At the time I didn’t know anything about the whole situation with the Internet and the beef because last time I shot with them we all were together and there wasn’t a problem, but then I’m not the type of guy to go online and chase what’s going on because I don’t have time to. I didn’t know they were beefing anyway it was a surprise to me when it was said ‘It’s hot in here turn the AC on,’ or whatever, and I think Benzino said ‘That’s that cocaine’ and Althea was with her man like ‘Yea bae, I think it is that cocaine.’

That’s when Stevie J. jumped and then Benzino was like ‘Nigga we can take that out there,’ and then Stevie rushes like he’s going to get at Benzino and then he stops like halfway like he can’t get close to him, and then I just seen Joseline get up and did a straight beeline for Althea’s ass. They flipped over the chair, it was some rumbling, you know we was sitting on the couch it was entertaining for a minute I was caught up I was like ‘Shit is this real or is this part of the show?’

I thought it was staged, I ain’t gonna lie. I was like ‘Wow Mona is brilliant with this sh*t,’ like this can’t be real. So after Joseline and Althea’s beefing and you’ve got Benzino, security’s got him, and Stevie’s running around with security’s trying to get him. Joseline runs off and she out of nowhere and I see her jump on Tammy. I see Ms. Deb get on that ass like ‘Get up off her’ and snatched her up. I’m trying to flashback so I can remember all of what was going on ’cause it was so many fights going on at the same time.

So then I seen them break that up, and Stevie was in the hallway fighting with security. I had to move wifey out the way because she’s pregnant, and every time we moved to a section it’s like the whole crowd came to where we were at and it was too chaotic. They’re trying to slide us into our dressing rooms and they’re like, ‘No you can’t go this way, go back,’ it’s crazy. Joseline is running around the studio beating up and jumping on chicks, I shouldn’t say beating up because it was pretty even Steven to me. But [security] couldn’t handle her.

I didn’t know the full extent of what was going on but when got to the room I was like, ‘If that was staged, that was crazy yo like for real.’ Yea it was like WWF up in that motherf**ker. I wonder how much n***as get paid to do this part because if they doing drop kick to get a check – we need to get into this sh*t right now. (Laughs) I’m kidding, it was hilarious no bullshit and I’m not with the whole violence thing, because where I’m from you step out of line you’re going to get hurt seriously.

Anyway I just thought it was a serious waste of time for real. It was embarrassing for us we’re all on the same cast together we’re on the same show together, we’re cast members and we’re related in some sense so when you pull up one of our names the other person’s gonna pop up. So it’s embarrassing to me to be on the same show when I’m in LA or New York trying to close a deal and it’s like they want to talk about the damn reality show and what happened on the reality show and I’m sitting with executives like, ’Yo man can we get back to closing this deal’ like for real you want to talk about n***as fighting on a show? I know that they’re laughing at us like we’re foolish.

It was embarrassing honestly I felt like as an African-American staff which the whole cast members are Black, or in some sense even Joseline she’s Puerto Rican best believe she’s got some black in her or she gets it in her every night, you know what I mean, so she’s Black — it just showed us going back 30 years. Like drop a dollar in a room and watch n***s fight for it.

Check out what the cameras captured below:

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