VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn + I Heart Nick Carter Premiere

This week marked the return of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn and the series premiere of I Heart Nick Carter. On the Season 5 premiere episode of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn, we met four of the five couples entering therapy. During their first session with Dr. Jenn, infamous Bachelor pair, Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell, dove right their relationship troubles.

Meanwhile, on the series premiere of I Heart Nick Carter, Nick Carter and his fiancée, Lauren Kitt, try to pick a wedding date but are met with scheduling conflicts from Nick’s management team. On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Reunion Part III, Executive Producer Stefan Springman meets with Joseline and Stevie J separately from Althea and Benzino to get their side of the massive brawls that broke out during the reunion taping. On Atlanta Exes the women head to the Cayman Islands for an adventurous time filled with swimming with stingrays and dolphins. Check out these highlights plus more memorable moments from this past week on VH1!

Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn: Does Juan Pablo Love Nikki?

The Bachelor fans across the country were shocked when Juan Pablo chose Nikki Ferrell at the final rose ceremony last Spring, but did not propose and did not tell her that he loved her. During Juan Pablo and Nikki’s first session with Dr. Jenn, Dr. Jenn dives into Nikki’s feelings for Juan Pablo and his lack of using the ’l’ word. Is it simply a culture thing? Is Nikki more committed to the relationship than Juan Pablo? We cannot wait to see their therapy journey with Dr. Jenn this season!

I Heart Nick Carter: Can Nick and Lauren Get Married When They Want To?

After finally selecting a date of March 1st, Nick Carter and his fiancée, Lauren Kitt, must run the date by Nick’s management team for approval. When the couple tells management about their wedding date, they are met with conflict and scheduling issues. With no hesitation, Lauren puts her foot down and is able to find time on Nick’s calendar for a wedding – April 12th. Mission Accomplished!

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline, Stevie J, Althea, and Benzino Give Their Side Of The Story

After all hell broke loose at the reunion taping, Executive Producer Stefan Springman met with both couples separately to tell their side of the story. At first, Benzino refused to talk about the fight which resulted in him lashing out at Stefan. Eventually things calm down and Benzino and Althea reflect on what happened. Meanwhile, Joseline and Stevie J discuss how and why the fight started. Surprisingly, at the end of the interview even Stevie J admitted that Joseline needs therapy. Could this be a turning point for the Puerto Rican Princess?

Atlanta Exes: The Atlanta Exes Swim With Stingrays

As a way to solidify their bond as a sisterhood, Torrei invites the ladies on a trip to the Cayman Islands! While there Torrei, Monyetta, Christina, and Sheree all face their fears and swim with the stingrays while Tameka is too afraid and watches from the boat. Later during the trip, Christina and Monyetta help Tameka try something new as she jumps in the water to swim with dolphins. It is clear that these women had an amazing trip!

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Shekinah Quits Smoking

After being a constant smoker since a teenager, Shekinah decides that it is finally time she quit this nasty habit. Tiny suggests meeting with a hypnotist for Shekinah to quit for good. After Tiny gets hypnotized, Shekinah gives it a try and the results are incredible. After being hypnotized Shekinah finds cigarettes disgusting and vows never to smoke again. We hope that Shekinah has quit this nasty habit once and for all!

Dating Naked: Cole Comes to Juliet’s Rescue

After Juliet and Patrick connected and kissed on their date, Juliet was looking forward to spending more time with him back at the Jungle Villa. However, when Patrick started flirting with Sean’s second date, Lovie, right in front of Juliet, obviously Juliet was hurt. Thankfully, Cole came to the rescue and comforted Juliet. As he talked with her about her feelings, he offered her a foot massage which showed Juliet a completely different side of himself. As a result, Juliet decided to continue her relationship with Cole.

Will Juan Pablo ever tell Nikki that he is in love with her?Does Joseline need therapy? Will Shekinah never smoke again?

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