Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Lost Files – Tony Talks About His Beard + His Rotten Fingernail

Oh just because the season is over, don’t think we’re not going to keep giving you more of reality television’s favorite cast.

And just because the season is over don’t think we forgot about Tony, and that beard…or crazy looking fingernail. The subject of million memes and tweets, we talk to Tony about that two things he can’t seem to escape:

VH1: Tony! What was up with that beard this season? It was like the king of all beards.
Tony Vick: You know I knew this question was coming. Ok, when we had first started filming it was cold, so I told [my barber], ‘Yo, I’m a let it thicken out.’ Later on I didn’t want to look like Taliban when it was time to shoot again so I was like, ‘Just shave my beard down some.’ The whole thing started when he went a little too low, and I just got rid of it. But because I had already had started filming with the beard i couldn’t just cut it off and producers were like, ‘Hey you’ve got to figure something out that’s not consistent.’ So for consistency while shooting, he had to put like a dye on it to make it come back so it wouldn’t be so light. Yea, it was a blooper in the beginning but I got it together towards the end of the season. (laughs)

Yea, it put you on the map. Tony and his beard.
Yeah but that’s my thing. You know I don’t have no hair any more. The hair on top of my head started scooting back so I had to do something. The beard. That’s my thing.

Your other thing was that fingernail. The jokes were endless, what’s up with that finger nail?
Let me tell you something when I was a kid I was living in the Orchard Park projects. Shout out to Orchard Park, New Edition we’re all from the same hood, but anyway, the project doors were really heavy. They were real metal, not like the aluminum sh*t they have now and my finger was in the back of the door. The door slammed and it took the tip of my finger off, so right where the end of the nail comes in at. So it took the finger off, and because the nail comes in on top of the finger, my nail still comes in but there’s no finger for it to lay on top of, so it looks like that.

Geesh, how old were you?

OMG! We needed to know this before that episode aired so people didn’t feel compelled to be so cruel…
(Laughs) No, no, listen let me tell you something I’m a hood n***a. I’m the epitome of hood. So when you grow up in the hood, I grew up in every project they had in Boston, so I heard everything and grew up with people talking, ‘Oh look at his finger.’ It’s my middle finger so when they start saying stuff, I would hit them with ‘But your girl likes it,’ or whatever. I had to be quick on my toes, so now when people say something it’s like, ’Come on man if that’s all you can reach into your bag and grab you need to get more.’ I’m like ‘Wow yall can’t say nothing else?’ Can we get into the nuts and bolts of this sh*t? Talk about the music if you talk, talk about that. Talk about my character. Talk about something that means something then you could probably get to me somewhat, but that little finger sh*t I was laughing too like that sh*t’s funny.

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