Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Exclusive – Tony Says Kalenna Was A ‘One Night Stand That Became A Lifetime’

Tony Vick, loving husband of Kalenna Harper didn’t get to say much this season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, but that doesn’t mean he has nothing to say.

On Part 3 of the reunion that aired earlier this week Kaleena, Tony, and Ashley discussed their confusing love triangle, but we were still left with a few unanswered questions.

We chatted exclusively with Tony “Da Beard” Vick to find out how kinky he and Kalenna really are, how they have taken the turn up down a few notches since the news of the baby, and reveals how the two met.

You won’t believe how it all started:

VH1: You and Kalenna have an interesting relationship, give us the short version of how you and Kaleena met?
Tony Vick: I was working with Jason Weaver, the actor, running around the country with him doing shows and things like that, and there was last minute situation for us to go to Macon, Georgia and I wasn’t going to go, but changed my mind and ended up there. So I’m in Macon I see a friend of mine that at the time Kaleena was signed to and we’re talking and he’s talking like, ‘Yo I’ve got this new artist, she’s dope.’ He’s like telling me about her, when I see three chicks come walking in the room. I’m like ‘She’s gotta be the artist right there,’ and they were walking they were going the wrong way in the hotel lobby, and I was like, ‘Excuse me your room is this way,’ and she was looking at me like, ‘Who the hell are you’ and just kept it moving. I knew she was digging me – I could tell then, but she’s been rolling like a superstar since I met her. I walk around and go outside there’s like a limo bus, so I’m like let me go in there and see if I see her. So I got on the bus and of course it was chicks everywhere going crazy like, ‘Oh my god come in,’ but I’m only looking for Kalenna. I see Kaleena at the end of the bus, and she’s just waves, runs up on me, and put it on me like boom! It’s been that way everyday since. We went back to the hotel room and…that was that – a one night stand became a lifetime.

One night stand, huh? No wonder you have such a passionate sex life. Were you disappointed that Ashley turned your threesome down?
Well how about…for the record, I’ll say this television has to, some people have to bend things for television to make things make sense. No I wasn’t disappointed.

Ashley wasn’t you and Kalenna’s only threesome opportunity right?
No, I’ve had the opportunity be with my wife, and very beautiful women in the past. If one situation doesn’t go well I’m not tripping because I’m totally into just my wife. It was something we did in the past. It was cool for the moment, but it’s a dangerous situation. I say that because people pick up feelings.

Clearly that’s what happened with Ashley, yes?
Ashley picked up feelings for Kaleena without Kaleena feeling as strongly back. When you have to chose between your husband or your girlfriend who are you going to chose? So I think Ashley kind of put Kalenna in a bad position. I said all that to say – Ashley is like a beautiful woman, but she’s not my total cup of tea. I’m light skinned, she’s light skinned. Just to keeping it funky, I like more of a brown-skin girl.

So you guys are putting all the wild threesomes on hold for now?
Yea. We had already kind of been slowing down because we had to get focused on what we were doing. Instead of us going out and partying and picking up chicks together, we decided to kind of like settle down and get the album done. Again, we don’t chase it so we could be in Paris and run into a young lady that my wife maybe is like ‘Yo I think she can get it,’ and that’s just what it is. It’s not something where we like to go out hunting for a chick. Like we’re not going to go to the club tonight to pick up some chicks cause really we don’t have to. Especially now – there’s so many willing to get involved with Kalenna and I…

Do tell…
Oh it’s crazy. With the baby on the way, they want to be the girlfriend, nanny, housekeeper. Offers for our own personal butt naked maid, yea it’s crazy.

[Photo Source: VH1/Instagram]

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