I Can’t: K.Michelle Says How She Felt About The Story Lines On Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta This Season

K.Michelle may no longer be a part of the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an opinion on some of the most controversial dramatic storylines that the Atlanta franchise has seen to date.

From sextapes to finger sucking, much like us K.Michelle “can’t” deal with everything we witnessed on Season 3 of #LHHATL. Check out K’s reactions and responses if she was the one dealing with some of her former castmates craziest storylines:

K’s Reaction If Her Man Sucked Her Finger In Public To Apologize
“That is gross, I don’t want anyone sucking on anything in restaurant, except a straw – that’s it. I don’t want no one sucking my nothing in public. I won’t do it.”

K’s Reaction If Her Man Wanted To Bring Another Person In Their Bed
“Depends, if it was a girl. If my man and I had that type of relationship, then you know we could try different flavors out, and do some different things. That’s not to bad.”

K’s Reaction To Your Parent Telling Your Boyfriend That You Been Creeping
“What’s your purpose? Why would you go and tell my business? I kan’t.”

K’s Reaction When Your Man Tells You He Lost His Luggage With Your Sextape Inside
“I can’t! He’s a lie. Nobody looses a sextape like that. I’ve been warning them about him since the beginning, but nobody wants to say I was right. Now we see K.Michelle is right like always.”

K’s Reaction To Finding Out Her Man Had 10 Children
“Nooo. Oh nooo. I’m sorry they going to have to go to boarding schools, foster care, they mama house or something. No I’m not getting in it with a man with 10 kids, noooo I’m sorry. I dated men with one and two baby mamas, can’t do 10.”

K’s Reaction To Find Out Her Best Friend Slept With Her Man, In Her House
“No I can’t. I don’t care if years ago, two days ago, this morning – if you slept with one of my friends? In my house? It’s over for the both of you.”

[Photo Source: Lauren Weissler for VH1]

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