Nick & Lauren Agree On A Wedding Date On The I Heart Nick Carter Premiere

Tonight on the season premiere of I Heart Nick Carter, we got a first look at what it’s really like when you’re a regular person trying to plan a wedding with a celebrity. In the the best scene of the night, Nick finally agrees to a date (March 1?) which he poses to his Lauren on the side a truck! Seriously. Nick is so tickled by this, he can’t even keep a straight face.

Of course, things don’t go quite as planned because Nick has a team of agents, publicists, managers, etc working for him and March 1st just doesn’t jive with the rest of the Backstreet Boys’ schedule. As the team rattles of a list commitments for the singer, Lauren takes it all in stride (and makes us all serious fans) in the way she picks up the pieces.

Hearing all the confusion (or lack of communication) over Nick’s calendar, Lauren “puts her foot down” by legitimately negotiating over the Backstreet Boy’s itinerary. It’s pretty remarkable and makes you realize maybe just why Nick fell for this regular girl. What do you think of Nick’s bride-to-be?

What Do You Think Of Lauren Kitt?

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