Dating Naked Episode 9: That Awkward Moment When…He’s Not That Into You

In this episode of Dating Naked we meet the Juliet, the dance instructor from England with a cute accent, and Sean the former Marine who believes he’s the ultimate catch. Check out the top three highlights of the episode.

Juliet and Sean’s date included a race where become human beach balls, but when Juliet wins the race, Sean’s ego and pride kicked in and he became a sore loser. Things went further left when Juliet wanted some affection and Sean showed he was more interested in showing him self love, and was totally self-absorbed. Juliet goes on second date with a guy she actually knew before the show named Cole, and Sean eager to meet someone “hotter” than Juliet, meets Lovey.

While Cole and Juliet shared their UK connection and couldn’t stop laughing, Lovey tried to heat things up with Sean who was giving her the ice cold shoulder. Sean thought things turned around for him when he met Jackie, and Juliet hoped to build a deeper connection with her attractive third date Patrick.

Juliet thought the connection she had with Patrick was deep, but found it was super shallow when Patrick and Lovey hit it off. After all her tears Juliet realized the right decision was choosing Cole, and Sean learned the hard way being jerk never pays off. He choose Jackie, and Jackie chose to go home still single.

Check out the week’s top three moments from our favorite dating show, Dating Naked that were so good, we thought it be nice to see it twice.

Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?
When Juliet meets her second date, she realizes that they have met before.

Yo! Chill, Bro
Sean and Jacqueline are having some fun on the beach during their date but Sean’s aggressiveness is a little off putting to Jacqueline.

Cole Becomes Juliet’s Romeo
After being dissed by Patrick, Cole goes after Juliet to comfort her and shows a different side of himself.

Tune in next week and catch the awkward, but honestly entertaining new series Dating Naked Thursdays at 9 PM ET.

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