Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Star Masika Saw Mariah & Nick Cannon’s Divorce Coming

Masika Kalysha is sure to become a household name once Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premieres on Monday at 8PM ET/PT. The cameras recently caught her off guard to get her take on the Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey split, and like the world-weary Angeleno that she is, she explained that she’s not all that shocked at the split. “I think it’s hard enough to keep a relationship when you’re behind closed doors. When you’re in the public eye, it’s no telling what’s really going on.” As for who Mariah should date next, Masika was at a loss for suggestions, explaining that mariah is the kind of woman who keeps us all on our toes. “No one really expected her to end up with Nick…[so] I really don’t know where you go from Nick Cannon!”

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premieres September 15 at 8PM ET/PT.