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Boy meets girl, boy naked-dates girl, boy and girl have a wedding in the nude with fellow naked daters sharing in the celebratory spirit as part of the clothing-optional drum circle. It’s the American dream! Or at least the Dating Naked dream. For Ashley and Alika, it may have been a whirlwind romance of just a few months, but when you hear them talk about their wedding and their life together, you can’t help but think that these two are perfect for each other. Not every couple is as open and free with their spirituality and creativity as they are, and their wedding, attended by many of their fellow naked daters, spoke to that vibe of passion and openness. It was a wedding unlike any other we’ve ever seen.

Enjoy some of the best photos from the ceremony and see what it was like for this couple to say “I do” to each other, and “I don’t” to traditional wedding garb.