Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s Tony Finally Explains His 9 Kids + 7 Baby Mommas

Remember this season on Love & Hip Hop: Altanta when Kalenna Harper told Rasheeda Frost her husband Tony Vick had like ten kids, and Rasheeda and all of us watching couldn’t help but let out a gasp?

Well, while we’re still trying to pick up our jaws off the floor, we cornered Tony himself to explain exactly how many kids he really has, how he and Kalenna deal with all is baby mommas, and finally find out why he was out here planting so many seeds:

Before we start discussing this children situation, how old are you?
Well I’m very happy to tell you I’m 44 years old. I’ll be 45 in December.

You look great for 45. But ten children?
It’s not ten. (Laughs) Y’all adding on more c’mon now. I have one coming that’s going to make number nine.

Excuse me nine versus ten, my bad…
It’s cool it’s cool. I’m not tripping. The oldest, my oldest son Tony Jr. he’s 27. I have seven baby moms.

Shut up. What?
Yes. For the record. That was one of the things [doing the show] I was worried about like, ‘I’m going to be in seven different child support courts at the same damn time.” (Laughs)

Is that your current situation?
Well you know people always have their hand out. You know that’s just in the nature of the beast but now that I’m on TV it’s like ‘Oh sh*t he done bought Kalenna a new house, I need to live like that,’ so they’re hitting me up, but I’m like, ‘Come on man, that was 15 years ago, you’re old news.

So your oldest is 27, and the youngest is how old?
Seven. The youngest is me and Kalenna’s — that’s our son. Ok so here we go, let me go down the list you ready?

Ok, go for it.
Alright, so after my 27-year old, there’s J******, she’s 22 and then I have T****, she’s 19. I have two young men, one’s name is E*** and the other’s name is E***** both of them are 13. Then I have C****** who’s 12. Then comes K*****, he’s 11. M**** comes in at 7, with one on the way.

Gotcha and the two that are 13 are they twins, or…?
Ghetto twins. They were a week apart. Different moms. One was born on the 8th and the other one was the 15th of May.

Your involved in all their lives?
I’m very involved with the ones that I can be involved, you know how that goes. I was married early. My first two children are by my first wife, who I was with her from 14 until I was 24. I never got the chance to live that young life of partying and all that. So when I got a divorce, I came to Atlanta, went through a moment where I was just playing around with Atlanta’s prettiest, but didn’t want anything serious.

So when Kaleena came in the picture, I started to slow myself down and when everyone [in my past] saw that it was like ‘Hold on, who is this b*tch?’ ‘What’s she doing to make him slow down?’ So of course she became the enemy to some of my other [baby moms], because she became my all-time favorite.

Whoa, that’s a lot. How does Kalenna deal with all of it?
Kalenna, she’s no BS she’ll talk crap, but she’s a sweetheart when it comes to the kids. Trying to deal with all the baby moms, she tries to be real political and fair. But, I’m a tell you this — it’s hard to please people and I tell her all the time ‘You can’t please everybody all the time.’ Baby mommas gonna be the baby mommas.

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