Kirk Gives His Insider Information On The Cast Of Atlanta Exes

After stirring the pot more than a few times this season on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, we all know Kirk is no stranger to getting his gossip on.

But instead of telling his buddy Benzino how Karlie misses him, he’s now spilling the beans on the cast of Atlanta Exes. Find out who else Kirk kicks it with in the “A”, and who he declares the craziest out of the Atlanta Ex cast and allegedly what she did:

Are you friends with or know any of the girls on the cast of Atlanta Exes?
Two of them I’m close with Monyetta and Tameka. I know Tameka. I know she’s crazy. [laughs]

Are you saying that like you really know, or is that based on what you hear?
Shirea, we’ve been out together! We just hung out the other day and the day before that! She’s off the chain! She will go in on somebody. She’ll go all the way in! I knew Tameka before she was married to Usher; I knew her before she was married to the other guy, Brian. She’ll go off, and she’s territorial. She’s wild! She’s cool though, at least we’re cool, but she’ll go off on your ass.

What about Monyetta, is she really that cool and collected like she appears on the show?
She’s more laid back to me. She’s not as spicy [as Tameka], but she’s a very good person as well. A lot of people like her. She can mix and mingle anywhere. She’s a good person, but I know something is in there, she’s got some fire down there somewhere. She’s just a really cool person. We hang out a lot too. We have mutual friends so we hang.

Would you say any of the Atlanta Exes are scorned?
Definitely Tameka, for sure. She’s definitely still…there was a situation where she wanted to snap Usher out the club! She whooped a girl’s ass! [laughs]

This happened after the divorce or while they were still married?
While [the divorce] was happening. She still shows it. She still—she still got it in for us. She gonna kick my ass for saying this, but she loves me.

Any of the women seem likely they would get back with their ex?
Listen, I’m just being honest, to me — like Neyo and Monyetta — it seems like they still cool anyway though. They seem to be cool in some sort of way. I mean he be at the family events, he show up, you know. It seems like they pretty cool. I don’t know though, it just looks like it.

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