VH1 Body-Ody-Ody Awards: The Winners Of The Men’s Division

For the past two weeks, we’ve asked VH1 viewers to join us in celebrating the sculpted, sexy bodies of our favorite VH1 stars and today we’re revealing the winners of the men’s division! We divided the voting into five categories: Abs, Shoulders & Back, Chest, Arms, and Overall Body (check out each poll to see the candidates), and most of the races were tight (pun intended). As you’ll see, almost every winner has serious competition and pulled off their win in the final moments of voting — On to the results!

Hit The Floor’s McKinley Freeman

Hit The Floor star McKinley Freeman won by a landslide in the abs category — it doesn’t hurt that the man plays a professional athlete on the show and has to stay in shape…and it also can’t hurt that he’s a master of the sexy selfie showing off his ripples.

Which VH1 Man Has The Best Abs?

Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ Jim Jones

The original alpha male of Love & Hip Hop still lingers in our minds as a sexy Adonis. Jim Jones spends serious time in the gym to get these shoulders and back in perfect, chiseled shape.

Which VH1 Man Has The Best Shoulders & Back?

The Game

Two of the finest male specimens we’ve ever seen, The Game and Hit The Floor’s Robert Christopher Riley, battled it out in the arms category and The Game took the win in the final hours of voting. We’d gladly give those biceps a squeeze.

Which Guy Has The Best Arms?

Stevie J

Occasionally we get to see Stevie J.’s arms on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but Mr. Jordan doesn’t always reveal his other assets on TV. Fortunately, he’s not shy about showing his muscles off on Instagram, and what muscles he has! You all thought he had the best chest on TV.

Which VH1 Guy Has The Best Chest?

And the winner of the best male body… Well, it’s no surprise that T.I. won the best overall category. The man is beloved by all, and he looks fine with or without clothes.

Which VH1 Man Has The Best Overall Body?