VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Premieres

This week marked the series premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. On the premiere episode, Teairra confronted Ray J about their relationship fallout which led to an explosive confrontation between Teairra and Ray J’s girlfriend, Princess. This week also marked the premiere of the long-awaited Dating Naked Wedding Special which focused on the nuptial ceremony between Ashley and Alika.

On Atlanta Exes, Sheree reconnected with her father after 15 years while on I Heart Nick Carter, Lauren and Nick needed to decide whether or not to sign a pre-nup. Check out these highlights plus more memorable moments from this past week on VH1!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Princess Provokes Teairra

After 8 months after not talking to one another, Teairra meets with Ray J to discuss their relationship fallout. During the conversation Teairra learns that Ray J’s new girlfriend, Princess, may have thrown away some of Teairra’s belongings that were left at the house. Later an emotional Teairra attends Ray J’s launch party with Hazel, and begins questioning Ray J about her missing stuff. Once Princess begins provoking Teairra, Teairra loses control and lashes out. We can already tell that this is going to be one over-the-top dramatic season!

Dating Naked: Ashley and Alika Tie The Knot

We watched Ashley and Alika fall in love on Episode 6 of Dating Naked and now we have the honor of watching them get married! The cast of Dating Naked reunited for the naked event of the season – Ashley and Alika’s wedding! In a ceremony of three movements Ashley, Alika, and their guests participated in yoga, painting a mural, and then the final commitment ceremony. Although Ashley and Alika’s wedding was nontraditional in many ways, we were thrilled to watch them begin a new chapter in their love story!

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Tiny vs. Shekinah: Kickball Challenge

When Tiny and Shekinah argue over who is more athletic, the two women compete in a series of athletic challenges which include playing golf, racing go-karts, and playing kickball. At the final athletic challenge Shekinah runs around the bases during the kickball game and begins having trouble breathing. As a result, the game comes to an end and Shekinah is rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, Shekinah had a quick recovery, as seen in her Instagram video below which was posted this past April.

Atlanta Exes: Sheree Reconnects With Her Father

After not speaking with her father for 15 years, Sheree enlists Torrei for moral support as she begins her quest to find her father and reconnect. While in Georgia, Sheree meets with her cousin who tells her that her father is extremely sick and has moved back to Kentucky. Soon after Sheree makes the trip to Kentucky and it was so heartwarming to watch Sheree reconnect with her ailing father.

Couples Therapy: Is Jenna Condescending?

This week the fifth and final couple joined therapy – Jenna Jameson and John Wood. After talking with Dr. Jenn about the unsatisfactory standards of her accommodations, John tells Jenna that she was condescending towards Dr. Jenn. John’s observation puts Jenna over the edge and into defense mode. Was Jenna comment condescending? Nevertheless, this clip proves one point – this couples definitely needs therapy.

I Heart Nick Carter: Nick Does Not Want A Pre-Nup

After Nick’s management team strongly urges Nick to considering signing a pre-nup, Lauren has a realization that she is marrying a celebrity. While talking to her friend, Natalia, Lauren reveals that she is willing to sign a pre-nup but feels that she has become Nick’s “voice of reason” when it comes to financial matters. After analyzing all the possibilities, Nick surprises Lauren when he calls his manager, Lori, to tell her that he does not want a pre-nup. Now that’s true love!

Did Teairra overreact at Ray J’s event? If you were Nick Carter, would you sign a pre-nup? What was your reaction to the Dating Naked wedding?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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