Nick Carter & A Backstreet Boy Grocery Shop On I Heart Nick Carter

Being in a relationship with a pop star must be hard. Aside from the crazed fans, unfortunate schedule and the assumed prenup – they often stop maturing at the age they hit it big. In Nick Carter’s case that would be a teenager. In this week’s I Heart Nick Carter, Nick and fellow Backstreet Boy member Howie Dorough go grocery shopping in order to buy all the makings for a gourmet French dish for Lauren. It’s probably the best piece of TV all of 2014.

Most of the drama this week surrounds the proposed prenup that Nick’s team thinks Lauren should definitely sign. Nick is torn because he’s used to his team telling him what to do and he knows he started working towards his career from the age of 12. He also knows he loves Lauren and they are together forever. Over dinner, Nick tells Lauren it’s time to grow up and he knows he has to be me more aware of the way management treats her. Lauren reveals that in spite of her initial feelings, she will sign whatever Nick wants her to because she’s not in their relationship for financial gain.

Ultimately, Nick decided there will be no prenup because he says Lauren’s the love of his life. What do you think of Nick’s decision? Don’t miss an all new I Heart Nick Carter next Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT/