Cootie Cats, Lies, & Videotape: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 403

K.Michelle paid a visit, Karlie Redd got messy, and Sina showed her hand (and toe).

On tonight’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Stevie J headed to rehab, Joseline headed to the bridal store, and K.Michelle headed back to the A to make sure her friend Jessica Dime was in good hands.

Use our handy recap to refresh your memory on the most memorable, idiotic, and hilarious moments.

  • Erica’s attorney says they can arrest Scrappy

    Erica meets with her lawyer to figure out how to get the child support payments.

  • Khadiyah’s “DGAF” face when she sees Sina in the studio with Joc

    KD politely says she respects Sina being there because she is a part of Joc’s family.

  • Sina tells KD to stay in her lane -_-

    Is she for real tho?

  • Steebie goes to rehab

    Joseline sheds a tear in the sweetest moment from this episode.

  • Momma Dee says Scrappy gave Erica money

    But she doesn’t seem convinced herself.

  • Joseline performs her single, “Cootie Cat”

    Uh oh. We don’t hate this.

  • “Look at Mimi. She did a porn. Who does that? B—h, you is an idiot.”

    Point is: we all can’t be dreamers like Joseline and Karlie Redd.

  • Sina tells KD that Joc touches her ass

    But Sina’s worried about KD staying in her lane?

  • K.Michelle learns that Mimi opened a music management company

    Asks if she makes beats by shaking her ass.

  • Deb says Mimi is an idiot…

    In the nicest way possible.

  • Does Mimi still love Stevie?

    Double you tee eff, Mimi. Stawp it.

  • Joseline starts wedding planning

    You think she’s like, eat your heart out Yandy, or nah?

  • Karlie played Erica and this is her finding out on national TV

    Rasheeda asks Erica about her shop opening with Karlie and Erica’s like, “Um, what?”

  • Yo, Sina should join the creep squad or nah?

    Sina videotapes her encounter with Joc as proof for KD

  • Joc falls into Sina’s thirst trap

    You know you’re on TV, right, brah?

  • Mimi says she doesn’t want an apology from Joseline

    Joseline makes this face

  • The woman in the background praises Jesus because she’s a K.Michelle fan

    Jessica and K. go to support Karlie’s store at the mall. (K. leaves before Rasheeda gets there, btw.)

  • Erica and Rasheeda are like wonder twin powers activate: We out!

    But not before calling Karlie a messy bird for opening a store on the DL.

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