Stinky P**** & Baby Mama Drama: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Episode 2 Photos

  • Teairra 1

  • Princess Ray J

  • Teairra Mari Hold Up

  • Teairra Mari Pssy

  • Teairra Mari Whoa

  • Princess Mean Face

  • Teairra Princess Fight

  • Teairra Fight 2

  • Fight

  • Teairra Fight 3

  • Princess Stinky 2

  • Teairra One Two Punch

  • Yung Berg Hazel

  • Nikki Mudarris

  • Bird Arms

  • Nikki Bedroom

  • Nikki Purse

  • Nikki butts

  • Fizz

  • Amanda

  • Masika Kalysha

  • Mally Mall

  • Mally Mall 2

  • Teairra Drunk 1

  • Morgan H

  • Nia Riley Under Bus

  • Nia Riley

  • Soulja

  • Nikki Face

  • Ray J Face

  • Teairra Hand

  • Hazel 2

  • Ray J box

If you thought the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was turnt way up – well then you ain’t seen nothing. On episode 2 tonight, we met more cast members who already have us shaking our heads and LOLing at their crazy a**es. Nikki Mudarris serving body-ody-ody (ody-ody-ody), Yung Berg and Masika Kalysha all made their debuts tonight and well, let’s just say they were anything but forgettable.

From pet monkeys and wildcats to slapping your employees on the a**, this cast is absolutely wild. Ray J and Teairra Mari continue to struggle with their on-again, off-again relationship (for real off for Ray J, apparently) resulting in an ugly fight between them and Ray’s new girl Princess Love.

We learn that Nikki and Masika are both vying for the attention of producer Mally Mall and Moniece finally met Fizz’s new woman to make sure she knew who’s the baddest b**** in town. All that and more!

Do you think Mally is worth these two ladies fighting over? Why is Morgan always in the middle? Did Soulja Boy cheat on Nia with Karinne Steffans? Is Hazel tripping by living by Yung Berg’s rules? Does Teairra need to cut Ray out forever?