The Casts Of Love & Hip Hop Love To Throw Each Other’s S**t Out

On this week’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J. surprised Teairra Mari by popping up on her at the tattoo parlour, as you do, and dumping a huge box of her belongings out on the floor in a “I hope you’re happy now, you got your s**t back!” moment. It was a spiteful but not unprecedented move. In fact, it seems like Ray J. took a page from his Love & Hip Hop predecessors Tara Wallace and Mimi Faust who similarly threw the belongings of their former lovers out, but none of them did it in the middle of a public place like Ray J. did. If you recall, Tara cut up the strings and skins of all of Peter Gunz’s instruments and put the rest of his stuff in Hefty bags on the curb. Mimi brought Stevie all his belongings in three tidy boxes and them basically ran them over with her car. Whose “Get The Eff Out” moment was the coldest? Watch them all and vote below!

Who Had The Best “Get The Eff Out” Moment?