VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Dating Naked Premieres “The Lost Episode”

This week we learned how Dating Naked began with “The Lost Episode” which featured our first set of naked daters who decided to bare it all in the search of love. On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Ray J shocked Teairra after she argued with Hazel while on Atlanta Exes Tameka was questioned about whether or not she thinks she is better than the rest of the women.

On Couples Therapy, Nikki had a problem with the cameras filming her and Jenna Jameson’s statements offended Dr. Jenn while on I Heart Nick Carter Nick and Lauren attended therapy to discuss their similar issues with family members. Check out these highlights plus more memorable moments from this past week on VH1!

Dating Naked: Joe and M.J. Make A Connection

This week we were treated to a look back at how this naked social experiment all began! With a slightly different format, the concept was still the same as two people, Joe and M.J., arrived in paradise looking for love. After each going on two separate dates Joe and M.J. go on a naked date with one another. While on their date Joe and M.J. feel a romantic connection, which leads them to choosing each other at the “Naked Truth” ceremony.

If you are ready to bare it all in search of love, strip down and sign up for the next season of Dating Naked! Click here for details about Dating Naked casting!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Teairra Argues With Hazel

After Teairra covers up her tattoo of Ray J’s name, Teairra gets upset when Hazel tells Teairra that she would never tattoo a man’s name on her body. Feeling disrespected, Teairra compares her relationship to the non-existent one between Hazel and Yung Berg. As a result, the women begin to argue about meaningful relationships. Just as Teairra is about to explode, Ray J walks into the tattoo shop and drops all of Teairra’s belongings on the floor. Way to come in with a bang and bring the room to silence!

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Tiny and Shekinah Ride Dirty

When Tiny’s nephew tells her and Shekinah that they are “too city” to play in the mud and get down in the country, Tiny and Shekinah organize a “Country Day” with Tiny’s brother, Red. Once Tiny, Shekinah, and King arrive in the country they learn they are going to be driving around on ATVs in the mud. Can these city gals handle the mess they are about to get into?

Atlanta Exes: Does Tameka Think She’s Better Than The Other Women?

Considering all the drama that has surrounded Tameka this season, the tension finally game to a boil when she is asked by the other women if she thinks she is better than everyone else in the group. After getting into it with Torrei, acting condescending towards Sheree, and rubbing both Monyetta and Christina the wrong way at times, Tameka stirs up trouble amongst the ladies when she cannot answer a loaded question. Do you think Tameka thinks she is better than the other women?

Couples Therapy: Dr. Jenn Scolds Both Nikki and Jenna

During Nikki’s one-on-one session with Dr. Jenn, Dr. Jenn told Nikki that in order for she and Juan Pablo to get the most out of therapy, she needs to ignore the cameras and open up to her partner. When Dr. Jenn learns that Nikki did not talk to Juan Pablo right after their session, but rather complained to the other women about the cameras, Dr. Jenn tells Nikki to cut the bulls**t. In addition, Dr. Jenn reprimands Jenna for disrespecting the production crew and the therapy process.

I Heart Nick Carter: Nick and Lauren Open Up About Their Family Issues

With Nick and Lauren’s wedding quickly approaching, their individual family issues are becoming more present. Nick and Lauren decide to meet with a therapist to discuss their similar heartbreaking issues with family members. Later in the episode we watch Lauren attempt to reconnect with her mother who was not around during her childhood while Nick bonds with his younger brother, Aaron, while fishing. After evaluating the relationship with family members, Lauren decides to not invite her mother to the wedding while Nick decides to have Aaron as a groomsmen but not invite his parents.

Would you ever tattoo a significant other’s name on your body? Should Nick and Lauren invite their families to the wedding? Would you try dating naked?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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