Erica Mena Says, “RIP” To Her Relationship With Cyn Santana

By now you’ve certainly heard the news that Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Mena is going to walk down the aisle with Shad Moss AKA Bow Wow, a little fact she dropped on the red carpet at the BET Hip Hop Awards this weekend. Yesterday, the turn up queen called into Hot 97 to confirm the engagement to Ebro and company. When asked if she’s spoken with (last WE heard GF) Cyn Santana, a quiet Erica said, “RIP that situation.”

We are thrilled for the soon-to-be Moss-Menas but are a little bummed to hear that things are off with Cyn and there’s been no conversation. Here’s hoping that the next season of Love & Hip Hop deals with some of this? If you need a reminder of the sweetness between Cyn and Erica, check the gallery below.

  • Cyn Erica1

  • Cuddling

  • EC3

  • EC2

  • Erica Cyn1

  • Erica Cyn

  • Erica Cyn Amina

  • EC

  • EC Kiss

  • EC High Five

Love & Hip Hop, the original, returns later this year.