Atlanta Exes Star Tameka Raymond Talks Usher, Being Called A Man, And Shades Kirk Frost

Of course we’ve all heard the rumors about Tameka Raymond before she started to make her weekly appearances on the reality show Atlanta Exes, however after tuning in and getting to know Tameka, it’s safe to say you can’t always believe what you hear.

Now that the season has come to an end, Tameka clears up the remaining misconceptions about who she is, reveals how she and her ex-husband, Usher, interact with each other since their messy divorce, and admits even though Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk Frost claims to be her “friend,” Tameka says she doesn’t even know Kirk like that:

Season’s over. Do you feel you were represented well?
Truthfully speaking, it’s an interesting question because while I think they are capturing my true snarky personality and funny facial expressions and all that, I think that it’s a bit sad that you don’t get the opportunity to see kind of what I do on a day to day like in terms of business.I feel like the show focuses a little more on the conflict between the five of us as opposed to what we really do on a day to day. That kind of feels disappointing.

Do you think their was a big difference between Hollywood Exes and Atlanta Exes?
I’m not really sure that it differs much. I think that we are little more blunt; we say exactly what we’re thinking.

Are you friends with any of the ladies on Hollywood Exes franchise? Did they give you any advice?
I definitely would say that Sheree Fletcher and I, I would definitely call her a friend. Sheree told me to ’keep it cute.’ (Laughs)

We know you know Kirk, he mentioned in our interview that he knew you well, any other friends from other shows?
Who said they know me?

Kirk, Kirk Frost.

(Laughs) From Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta?
I really don’t know him. Let me just clear that up. I don’t really know him. I was hoping that he was misquoted. I met him when I was married to my first husband. That part of it was correct. We met, like one time at the studio, my ex-husband and I went to visit their studio and you know outside of that, I’ve seen him out and it’s kind of like, “Hi and bye”. I don’t know him, I don’t know him, so that would be a misnomer. The other thing he said about me having a fight in the club…I never had a fight in a club. That’s not true.

So never what else that we hear about Tameka isn’t true?
The only thing that has ever bothered me is comments about my children and about my custody arrangement with my kids. I do and have always shared joint custody with my ex-husband. It bothers me. I would hate for my kids to read that their mom doesn’t have custody and things like that. That burns me because that’s not true. My second ex-husband [Usher] has what they call “primary custody” which means that he ha can make tie-breaking decision in the decision making. Which means if we ever have a debate about something, he can make the final decision, like if we can’t agree on it. That’s all. That’s what we were fighting over for so long, that has been the source of the problem that he now has the final decision making power, but we share joint custody to this day. That never changed.

So your kids spend time living with the both of you?
Exactly, that’s right. And they don’t come to me supervised, there’s no court guard here.

Has your relationship with Usher changed? Are you friends now?
Friend is a strong word. We’re definitely in a decent place. We’re not fighting or anything like that. But friends? I don’t throw the word friends around. I don’t take it light, and I don’t use it maybe as lightly as the other ladies. You know I think the words friends and love and are action words, and you show that by how you treat the other person, how you act. So calling us friends wouldn’t be truthful.

Oh. Time for you to be truthful, are you ever offended with people go to their cliche insult for you – that you look like a man?
Well, let me say this. I’ve never seen or heard one attractive person say it, so that’s the irony. Every time a person says something like that, and I see it, it’s always some knock-kneed…

So it doesn’t bother you?
I just think that hurt people hurt people, or at least they try to. That comment is so old, that was something that was used by a blogger many, many years ago and people just run with it. It’s kind of cliché, “let me diss her and say she looks like a man.” You know what I mean, I know what I look like honey, it’s far from a man. It is ironic that like I said, it’s always some hideous type person who says it and then the other thing is that, you just, it’s the same person who would see me in person and be like, “Oh my god, you are so beautiful, can I get a picture with you?” They just say it because like I said, it’s kind of a go-to comment. Yea, it’s just a go-to.

Gotcha. Since Atlanta Exes focused a lot on your past, if we talk about your future, are you dating anybody right now?
You know what, I’m actively dating, I don’t have any one person in particular that I’m dating but I’m single. I love being single until the right person you know comes along, I have no issues with being single. You know they already said I was selfish, so you know I don’t mind being single. (Laughs) How can a selfish girl mind being single?

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