Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Sincere Says The Atlanta Cast Is Full Of Old Heads

Ray J already said the difference between the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast and Hollywood cast is because they’re in Cali where they have Palm Trees but at the premiere party his cast mate Sincere Show put it a little differently. When asked about how Hollywood compares, Sincere says,

“They doing their thing down there like shout to them motherf******* but they a bunch of old n*****. Like, we young, like I’m 26. Like n***** under 30 over here. You following a bunch of old heads – we come some young cats doing our thing.”

What do you think of Sincere’s assessment? Do you think Hollywood is younger and fresher? Is Atlanta forever the number one? See how things go for Sincere and the rest of those “young cats” on an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.