I Heart Nick Carter Sneak Peek: Is Nick Carter Getting Too Fat Before The Wedding?

The terrible patriarchal society we live in would suggest that it’s strictly the bride who needs to be svelte for the big day but Nick Carter is turning gender norms on their ear on the next episode of I Heart Nick Carter. While being fitted for his wedding tuxedo, Nick comes to the realization that may be he’s a little…fat.

“It’s so weird my face is thin and then I have this jellyroll around my waist,” Nick jokes (but is sort of serious) while grabbing his belly. The Backstreet Boy also says that fiancée Lauren Kitt thinks he looks like E.T.

LOLZ. Do you think Nick is carrying too many extra pounds? Do you think the groom has to lose some weight before his nuptials? Find out on an all new I Heart Nick Carter Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT.