Atlanta Exes Star Christina Johnson Looking Slim + Trim

During the airing of Atlanta Exes we fell in love with all of Christina Johnson’s curves, but now the ex-wife of Cee-lo Green has slimmed down quite a bit, and we think we are loving the new look even more.

Recently adopting a cleaner lifestyle and committing to strict workout regimen Christina has used her Instagram account to let us experience her journey to better health.

We talked with Christina Johnson with the details of just how she did it including the exactly what she cut out her diet, what she focused on so she wouldn’t lose her curves, and how her man Willie supported her throughout the process:

VH1:You look so good! Tell us EXACTLY what you did to drop the weight.
Christina Johnson: I actually did a custom detox with a young lady here in Atlanta named Tierra Burrell – Monyetta uses the detox as well. Tierra has a program called “Tierra Goes Green,” and she does “gut cuts” and detox depending upon your body type and what physical ailments you’re going through. So I juiced with her, then I did a 30-day detox with no meat, and I worked out with two trainers. I already had a trainer, Jason, that I use, he’s Ludacris’ trainer and then probably about two or three months ago I added another trainer to the mix. So now I work out with two trainers, and I watch my eating. It’s definitely a lifestyle change. Now I’m constant watching the things I put in my body.

So how much have you actually lost?
I’ve lost 31 pounds.

Many of us what to drop the weight but keep the booty…
Yea, I still got it. I don’t know, that’s hereditary. (Laughs) The hardest thing to loose. I mean I don’t really want to lose it, it’s there. But I lost 31 pounds so far, and I have like another 10 pounds to lose.

Who or what inspired you to go on this weight loss journey?
No. Because I deal with graves’ disease, that was one of the things that I really wanted to do because when we were taping for four months I didn’t have time to go back and forth to the doctors and take care of myself.

Your boyfriend Willie has lost a lot of weight as well, who pushed who?
He along with my best friend Tony Acey both have just been rally supportive. I told them to make sure I’m watching what I eat, that I keep exercising. So they just jumped on board and said, “Whatever program you do, we’ll do it with you to support you.” So altogether we’ve lost about 100 pounds.

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