Bad Built A**es & Promise Rings: It’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 3 In Pictures

  • Masika Fast Chick Face

  • Mally Mall Masika

  • Soulja 1

  • Amanda Napkins

  • Apryl Napkins

  • Teairra Roommate

  • Moniece Tears

  • Nikki Hands

  • Mally Mall Eye

  • Miss Nikki

  • Nikki Ring

  • Miss Leslie

  • Miss Leslie Old Head

  • Soulja Face Cry

  • Hazel Tears

  • Teairra Face Camera

  • Hazel butt

On episode 3 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J and Teairra continued fighting about her box of belongings (yes, including Vagisil, lay off the girl) that Ray dropped off at her party. Hazel E took Teairra’s side but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t beef between the besties.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy and Nia are still reeling from last week’s cheating accusations. Soulja can’t really deal with this because as he let’s us know multiple times, “It’s his birfday!” We get it. Omarion and Apryl are trying to prep for the arrival of their baby but Miss Leslie has made it clear that she’s number one priority so all y’all can go f*** yourselves. All that plus Mally Mall, MALLY MALL, is leading two women on, flat out lying to both of them all while his one eye closes. SMH.

What do you think of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood tonight? Is Mally Mall the worst? Is Soulja going to grow up or does Nia need to take a hint? Will Teairra and Hazel be able to make up?