Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Teairra Mari Says She Hasn’t Had Plastic Surgery & She Might Be The New Joseline

Love & Hip Hop can make reality stars out of newcomers, aspiring to get in the game but for R&B singer Teairra Mari, she’s hoping to show people a different side of her and revitalize her music career. Since the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Teairra has fought with on-again, off-again boo Ray J, had the tattoo of his name “removed” from her side and burned bridges with her bestie Hazel E.

VH1 recently caught up with Teairra about plastic surgery, her choice to come to reality TV and why Ray J is just wack.

Teairra, what’s the transition to reality TV been like? To be honest, you seem a bit turnt up so far.

Teairra: You know, I’m a rebel with a cause, ok? Cause I don’t just turn up for no reason, you know, like I have to be pushed to that point, and you’ll see this season that you know, in every instance that I was definitely provoked. Not saying that that’s the way I should handle myself all the time, and I do regret some of my turn ups but I don’t regret them all. But I’m not like that all the time, I’m not angry, I’m not bitter but you know, but people have been picking with me a little bit.

Do you feel like people were trying to make you go off, trying to make you a villain and trying to get you to be ratchet?

Teairra:I think they were definitely trying to pick and pick and pick because a lot of my cast mates know me better than anybody, including Ray J. He knows exactly which buttons to push to get a certain reaction and he’s not new to reality TV, so he knows that those reactions are always loved. He knows that people turn to reality TV for those reactions so he definitely knew what buttons to push and he did and he even involved his little scalawag of a girlfriend.

You and Ray J have been involved with one another for a while, so when Love & Hip Hop came around did you have a conversation, like “we’re not together, but we’re going to do this show and air our dirty laundry?”

Teairra: It’s the craziest thing in the world! We did not have a conversation. I heard there were talks that he was going to join the cast as well. It was just crazy because I’m like, “Oh my God, shit is gonna come out!”

Who do you think is gonna rival like a Joseline or Erica Mena as the new Ratchet Queen? Is it gonna be you or one of these other ladies?

Teairra: Oh God, it might be me!

I can hear it in your voice, you’re nervous about that.

Teairra: I hate that it has to be me, but I’ve only reacted how I would react if the cameras weren’t rolling, so I don’t wanna be fake and phony because it wouldn’t read right with the audience. It might be me and I’ll take that, it’s fine.

Besides your situation with Ray J, we’re going to get some new music from you, yeah?

Teairra: Absolutely, back in the studio! You know, I got a little caught up with the Ray J drama at the beginning of the season but I absolutely am working in the studio, and have new music. You will see that.

What do you think of some of these girls whose bodies are contoured right now – the whole trend of a big butt and a tiny waist?

Teairra: Well you know it’s to each his own, I’m scared to go under the knife.

So, you haven’t done any work yet?

Teairra: No, I haven’t done any work yet. Yeah, let’s say yet [Laughs]

Yeah, it’s okay, no judgment here.

Teairra: Exactly! I don’t judge women who have gone under the knife. I don’t respect women who had men pay for it you know, I call those women, “build-a-bears.” But if you got it on your own, hey, I solute you!

What do you think of some of your cast mates bodies, like Nikki’s? Is that a “build-a-bear?”

Teairra: I think Nikki’s body looks amazing! She paid for it on her own, so she’s not a “build-a-bear.” A “build-a-bear” is something that somebody else puts together!

If you were gonna rank Love and Hip Hop and the different locations, which would you rank as the most ratchet?

Teairra: I hate the word ratchet. But I don’t know, I have to see what everybody else is doing, but I have had some turnt up moments so we could definitely rival Atlanta with my things alone. I’m so embarrassed but I have to stand behind what I do.

What’s it been like to watch the show – is it hard to see things play back?

Teairra: I cringe when I watch that show because I’m not there anymore so for me I had to relive that and I’m not there, like I hate [Ray J.] He’s super wack, he just does wack things, so for him to be so turnt up on me when he once loved me…

So you guys are still filming and your relationship is…where it is now?

Teairra: It’s over. Yeah, I’m done with him. He’s not even a part of my storyline anymore.

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