#TBT: Check Out Some Classic Throwback Pics Of Dr. Jenn Berman

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  • Dr Jenn TBT 2

  • Dr Jenn TBT3

  • Dr Jenn TBT Gloria

  • Dr Jenn Mom

  • Dr Jenn TBT4

  • Dr Jenn TBT5

  • Dr Jenn Dog

  • Dr Jenn Mom2

  • Dr Jenn Gym

When you have a job as serious as Dr. Jenn Berman’s, you don’t often get a chance to publicly reveal your lighter, more fun side. People expect you to be in serious mode all the time, but we know that Dr. Jenn is human just like the rest of us and enjoys posting classic photos of herself from back in the day on Instagram. (Find out how you can follow her and this season’s cast of Couples Therapy by checking out our social media guide!)

We love seeing these photos that show Dr. Jenn in her element — with family members, friends, famous inspirations like Gloria Steinem, and just letting her (sometimes really big) hair down! #TBT

[Photos: Instagram]