Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Lost Files – Rasheeda On Kalenna Dissing Her Music + How She Became Friends With Althea

Oh just because the season is over, don’t think we’re not going to keep giving you more of reality television’s favorite cast.

And just because the season is over don’t think we don’t still have lingering questions for Rasheeda and her out-of-nowhere friendship she formed with Althea toward the end of the season, as well as the shady comment Kalenna said about Rasheeda music earlier in the season. Check what our girl Rasheeda had to say:

VH1: Early in the season you were saying you know Althea gets around, by the time the season was over you were going wedding shopping with her. Are you two really friends?
We have been like associates throughout the years. She dated a dude who was — is – still a good friend of me and Kirk’s. So we have been around each other several times before. Kind of like back during my “Bubblegum” days and a little time after that, we were always real cool, real cordial.

She was in that video right?
Yes, but we weren’t like talking on the phone all the time and hanging out all the time. But being that the guy was a good friend of Kirk and I, and that’s who she was with, we have been around each other a lot [over the years]. So that’s how she and I developed a relationship. Every time we would see each other after they stopped dating it was always like, ‘What up, how’s it goin? We gotta catch up,’ like that type of situation.

At one point when I interviewed you earlier you said Benzino and Althea have that Bobby and Whitney love. Now you’ve gotten to know Althea a little better, do you think the same?
They still crazy (laughs), and they moving too fast. They need to pump their brakes. That’s just really the truth. But one thing I will say is I think they have a crazy kind of love for each other. When you see two people who really, really vibe out and feel each other and stuff, you want to hope that they work out. They’re going to get married, and I want that to work out for them, but sometimes you might not want to move to fast; you might want to slow down, get to know the person a little bit more.

After everything that happened does your friendship with Althea effect your interaction with Joseline?
I mean, I don’t like some of the stuff that Joseline be doing, but everybody isn’t going to like everything a person do, you know what I’m saying? I feel like, with her and Althea’s situation, you know, that’s their situation though. You know what I mean? I don’t have—I’ve never really had personal issues with Joseline like that, so I don’t dislike her on that level. But some of the stuff she be doing, I’m like ‘Okay, child, alright.’

We always wanted to know how you felt early in the season when Kalenna kind of read your music for filth, and say something like ‘I don’t like what you’ve been doing when it comes to your music’?
I actually told Kalenna, before you try to judge somebody, you know, you should kind of step back a little bit. Everything’s not for everybody. It’s hundreds of thousands and let me continue to say millions of people who do like it and until you have a solo project that you put out, I would refrain from speaking on somebody else’s music.

Did that get edited out? Don’t remember you saying that then…
No, no, no. I told her that on a real face-to-face level, not on the TV level. I had a real conversation with her about it because I told her, I was like you know, a song like “Marry Me,” you might not have liked “Marry Me,” which is fine with me. But there’s like a couple hundred thousand people who did and I’m living just fine off of “Marry Me” still. So before you go and judge, because honestly you were on somebody else’s dirty money train. It wasn’t Kalenna’s train. You can have your opinion on not liking the music but to try to diss me as an artist? Yo I’m the captain of my own sh*t, so. I just feel like…when they really need to sit back and look at the whole picture. And it’s no shade; it’s just me keeping it one hundred—just speaking how I feel. I try to be real with people I love about stuff.

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