Moniece Slaughter On The Custody Agreement That Has Everyone Talking & How Fizz Makes It Difficult To See Their Son

One of the most explosive storylines on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been Moniece Slaughter’s struggle to coparent with her ex Fizz AKA Dreux. While Moniece attempts to figure out her personal and professional life, she is trying to find stability to best guardian her son. Since the show’s premiere, Moniece has come face-to-face with Fizz’s girlfriend of two years, Amanda.

Moniece’s story has been all over social media as critics and haters attack her parenting and question why she doesn’t fight harder for her child. VH1 recently caught up with Moniece about airing her dirty laundry out on the reality sudser, if she thinks she and Fizz will ever get back together and the custodial agreement that has social media buzzing.

Moniece, what kind of conversation did you and Fizz before doing Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? Can you explain how casting worked?

Moniece: I wasn’t aware that he’d been speaking to producers – he didn’t forewarn me so when they called me, I was shocked. As I talked to more and more people, I called [Fizz] and he made it seem like he was wanting me to succeed and this “it would be a perfect opportunity for you to launch your company or promote your company” and I was very hesitant which I did express to him and he said something that was very interesting to me. We hadn’t spoken at all actually before this conversation about casting and he said to me “I don’t care – you can tell them that you hope I walk outside and get hit by a car and die, like whatever you want to say, just say it.” The whole thing was weird and I expressed to him, my hesitation in joining the cast just because life was completely different by the time the show came into the picture.

What do you have to say to the critics? Love and Hip Hop fans can be very passionate – what do you have to say to any of your critics out there?

Moniece: So far I would say that, I think they should relax. [Laughs] They’re totally brutal and the one thing that I see the most is that they are telling me, “Go get custody of your son!” Let me just set the record straight for all the naysayers out there. I have joint physical and legal custody of my child on paper, ordered by the court, that’s number 1. Number 2, Fizz has not had physical, primary custody of Kameron for long. It’s only been since May. So I need everyone to understand that.

I’m glad you’re able to clarify the situation. When is the last time you saw Kameron?

Moniece: I saw Kameron, I want to say, a week ago. And he was supposed to be with me this past weekend, but these are the things that don’t make the show. [Fizz] has a habit, since our new arrangement, and him keeping Kameron during the week, that was supposed to be when Kameron was in school and I found out, he has removed Kameron from school. Weekends are my time, and this past weekend was my fifth weekend, since the Fourth of July, that he has taken Kameron out of town or sent Kameron out of town and not told me. And just for the general public- when you have a custodial agreement on paper, that’s called kidnapping. So when people look at me and say, “Go get your son, or do this,” it’s very hard when he’s not answering the phone and not telling me until they’re long gone to Sacramento or Las Vegas and [Fizz’s] mom refuses to call me and communicate.

My only other option is calling the police and because Dreux doesn’t communicate with me, I don’t know if his mom or his sister is with [Kameron] or if freakin’ Amanda is there. I don’t know what’s going on. So if I call the cops, when he is apprehended, because that is what will happen. He would be arrested for kidnapping and I don’t know what’s going on with my kid because he’s not communicating. So if he doesn’t have his mom or his sister with him, my son goes back into the system into, into D.C.F.S. [Department of Children & Family Services] and I can’t have that. So for people to judge me and say, “Go get your kid back. Go fight to get your kid back?” I’m actually saving my kid a world of heartache. I’m actually considering my son when I decide to bite that bullet. I’ll just sacrifice my time because his dad is a selfish pr***. So the only one, who comes out with the short end of the stick there is me and that’s because my son is my world. I don’t want my son to see his father arrested. I don’t want my son to go to into D.C.F.S. I don’t know who’s with him. Those are all very hard decisions to make as a mother who wants to be with her child. The last time I saw Kameron, he said to me that he didn’t want to go with his dad, he wanted to come with me. So that’s very hard, so I work, work, work, work, so that I don’t have to, you know, that’s hard to walk away from. [She begins to get emotional]

I’m sure that’s hard to deal with. If we can change gears, we wanted to talk you a bit about when you met Amanda on the show? Was that was your first first time meeting Amanda face to face?

Moniece: Yes! Well actually, I’ve seen her before, but this was my first time having a conversation.

What does that mean, like you’ve seen her in the driveway while pulling a drive-by?

Moniece: [Laughs] Like, pretty much. She like popped up at my son’s 4th birthday party and she spoke no words to me.

Fizz and Amanda say they’ve been dating for two years and she clearly spends considerable time with your son and you’ve never met her? And now you’re all just on a TV show together? Can you explain the backstory to us – because it feels like you were really hard on her and she’s not Fizz.

Moniece: I did acknowledge that she is not is not Fizz. Here’s my thing: Kameron turned four in January. It was Kameron that came home to me and said, “Daddy has a girlfriend!” I asked her name and he kept calling her “Manu” and I asked “Is she nice to you?” He said, “Yeah,” And he said, “Daddy calls her babe, and she calls him babe and I don’t like it.” And I asked, “Did you talk to your dad.” He said “No.” “I encouraged him to be nice to Amanda because I asked him the necessary questions that any mom would ask: Is she spanking you? Is she hitting you? Is she bathing you or taking you to the bathroom? Is she seeing your privates? He said, “No.” So I asked, “Is she sleeping in the bed with you?” because Kameron doesn’t sleep on his own, he sleeps with me or he sleeps with his dad and he said, “No. She comes over, she stays, and she goes home.” I said, “Okay, cool. What did we teach you?” “Well I’m supposed to be to her what she is to me. So nice because she’s nice.” So moving forward, Kameron told me that Amanda and her nephew Jacob had to come to the birthday party, like they had to be there! Kameron wanted her and her nephew at his fourth birthday party. I said, okay.

She came to the birthday party and gave me this very dry-hi-wave and that was very upsetting. But for my son’s sake, I kept it together. So when the show came about, he told me, you know, I talked to production and they know I’m in a relationship but I told them that the relationship is whatever – which was alarming to me because this whole time, since the birthday party, since January, you’ve been like throwing the b**** in my face, and using her thinking that that was going to like hurt my feelings and it never did and now all of a sudden the relationship is whatever? Do you love the b**** or don’t you? Cause if you don’t and she’s hands on with my kid, I have a problem with that. I said to him, don’t spring her on me at the birthday party, I need to meet her before and he ignored me which is run of the mill with him and there she was, so I too was very confused, like I knew nothing about her. And when he introduced us at the birthday party, she didn’t speak to me and he didn’t say her name. And he was so nervous that he f****ed up my name. So I was like, I don’t get it, I don’t understand.

When I sat down with her in the episode, my issue with her is this and it’s a very simple issue: I don’t know you, you don’t know me. I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt because I know Dreux. I know Dreux in ways that she will never know Dreux because she doesn’t have a child with him. And that type of relationship is something that she can never understand until she’s in my shoes. And even then she could never be me, so it doesn’t matter. The point is I don’t know you, you don’t know me so I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt because I know that Dreux is filling your head with a bunch of bulls***. I’m like one of the sweetest people that you can ever know, honestly. And I’m loyal to my own detriment sometimes so it would be in your best interest, Amanda, to make an ally with me and not an enemy – because I could actually help your relationship if you play your cards right. So the fact that he was comfortable with being hands on with another woman’s child, never having met her? I’ve been in a relationship with a man who had children and he wanted me to come play games and do this and that and I said no. I’ve never met their mom and I’m not comfortable with that. I need her to know that I’m not here to replace her, I’m not here to play house. I respect her position as their mother and in no way am I trying to step on her toes. That’s what a real woman does. A little girl shacks up and plays house. At that point, I then question your ability to take care of my son and that’s all it is for me. I could give two flying f***s about her relationship with Dreux – why they breakup, how they makeup, why they broke up, how long they’ve been broken up for, I don’t care about that…

So, none of this is rooted in your residual feelings about Dreux and wanting to get back together or anything like that?

Moniece: It has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with, if he’s been keeping her a secret for two years, why? If they’ve been together at this point for 2 ½ years, he tried to f*** me, 2 years ago? So it’s like, I’m lost. I’m just as lost as everyone else, like I don’t get it. Apparently they have this up and down, breaking up and getting back together, I don’t concern myself with that.

What do you think of what Moniece has to say? Do you think Moniece is getting painted in a bad light? Do you think Fizz is a terrible communicator? Find out more on an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.