Watch Big Brother Star Evel Dick Donato Reveal He’s HIV Positive On Couples Therapy

Evel Dick Donato left Big Brother 13 for undisclosed reasons a few years ago and since then, his departure has been the subject of tabloid fodder and fan gossip. On This week’s Couples Therapy, Dick reveals why he left that show, and the news is stunning. Speaking about it publicly for the first time, Dick tells Dr. Jenn Berman on Couples Therapy that he left Big Brother after receiving the news that he’s HIV positive. Dick explained to Dr. Jenn that the news has been a private matter that has affected his relationship with girlfriend Stephanie Rogness-Fischer, who didn’t want him to go public with it. In spite of the news, Dick has found a bright side, telling PEOPLE magazine:

“Look, I get that I’m a reality-show villain,” he says. “But for better or for worse, I have a platform. And I decided that it was time to just publicly say what I’m dealing with. On one hand, I’m doing this for myself: I don’t want to hide anymore. On the other hand, I hope it will remind viewers to get tested, practice safe sex, all those things we know in the back of our minds but maybe don’t do. After I told everyone on Couples Therapy, I had two production people pull me aside and say that they had gotten tested. I feel like I can do some good.

Watch Dick’s agonizing admission in this highlight from Couples Therapy now.

[Photo: Getty Images]