When Did Nick Carter Get Fat & Stupid?

On tonight’s episode of I Heart Nick Carter, Nick deals with the very revelation that he is fat and dumb. SORTA. Nick is concerned, after his tuxedo fitting, that he may be putting on some extra weight. He wants to be in lean, mean shape for the wedding or at least look like he is – Nick asks Lauren if she’s sure she wants to marry a “Fatstreet Boy.” Lauren assures him he’s no fattie but that she’ll help him at the gym if wants.

Meanwhile, Nick is concerned because he thinks Lauren is a smartypants and he never even finished high school. Lauren encourages Nick to get his GED if that’ll make him feel more secure and so he pursues finishing his education and taking the test. A sweet moment from Nick who admits his parents didn’t put a priority on school and his memories there were unpleasant and filled with bullying.

In spite of his pursuit of higher education, on the surface Nick still feels a certain way about his midsection but isn’t really into making the gym a regular thing so he goes to receive some laser treatment to help remove fat from his belly. He gets to sport a pretty sexy thong (not really but it is adorable) – all hail the powers that be that made Nick Carter wear this ridiculousness!

Ultimately, while he didn’t shed all his extra weight, Nick passed the GED and even had some muscles to show off to his soon-to-be-bride! Do you wanna give yourself a life-makeover like Nick too? WE DOO. See more of the adorable couple on next week’s I Heart Nick Carter.